I Told You So: part 2,935

The nanny state at its best:

U.S. regulators are planning a push to gradually cut the amount of salt Americans consume, saying less sodium would reduce deaths from hypertension and heart disease, The Washington Post reported on Tuesday.

The effort would eventually lead to the first legal limits on the amount of salt allowed in processed foods, the newspaper reported. The plan is to be launched this year but officials have not set salt limits.

They better not mess with bacon…

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  1. An assault on salt.
    hey Gloria, maybe you can recommend la libreta to Barry next time you “get his ear”.

  2. pototo,

    I dare you to have Gloria recommend la libreta to Barry. Can can you said that?


    The funny part of it is that Gloria probably never lived under a libreta because she left Cuba too early and now (unlike any of us) she probably has a personal chef.

    Fame and wealth surely changes people…

  3. George –

    Thanks again for showing up last night @ Infidel’s Watch.

    You are always welcome in our “Helm’s Deep”, my friend.


  4. ANCHOVIES!!!…..I’m stocking up!.,.. can’t possibly live without ‘chovies lovingly layered on my pizza and atop my WOP Salads….!

    First they came for the potato chips…..

  5. The better to control you…

    1. The air you breath
    2. The water you drink
    3. The food you eat
    4. The medicine you are allowed to have.

    Almost there!

  6. “…’lookin for my…lost shaker of salt..”

    they’re lobbing it over slow and easy for a Buffett re-release and a SNL skit…But we all know better about the nature of the “irreverence” of those “cheeky” and “edgy” “iconoclasts.”

  7. Alberto

    Guess we’d better start worrying if they make plans to collect our bodies and reclaim the water from them.

    So, I am assuming they then served Margaritas sans the salt at the Estefan bash last weekend?

  8. The only words that come to mind, Maggie, are “Soylent Green.”

    As far as the margaritas at the Estefans being served sans the salt on the rim, that rumor has not yet been confirmed. There is strong evidence, however, that shame was banned from the event and anyone that arrived with any was asked to check it at the door.

  9. Of course if they go through with this new law it will be a big deal, but the idea of the law itself is nothing new. The Reagan and GWB administrations also considered this. Reagan might have actually done it, had aspartame not became the bigger issue in the 1980s.

    1981: “The Reagan administration has started summit talks with the food industry to restrict the amount of sodium chloride added to food.”


    2007: “The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) held its first public hearing on limiting the amount of salt in processed food, yesterday, 29th November, at agency premises in College Park, Maryland.”


  10. You’re beginning to smell like a troll, Mojito_Fan, but I’ll let you slide this time. Regardless of who proposes a law or rules like this, IT’S FUCKING WRONG. Satisfied?

  11. Is it me or did people seem much leaner and more ‘fit’ before all the regulation and banning?

  12. A Pickle without salt is naught but a Soggy Cucumber. Mr. President – Hands Off My Pickle. -S-

  13. Meanwhile my husband recently came across an article stating evidence that not enough salt causes hypertension, etc. Why oh why can’t the government stay out of our business?

  14. George, the thing is, it’s not really any one administration in particular that is pushing for this. They all have been, for several decades now. Which was the point I was trying to illustrate because it seems that most people are unaware of this.

    It is really the medical profession that is pushing for this, and has been for 30+ years. The majority medical opinion is that salt is a killer at the doses it is presently found in many foods.

    Is it wrong that we do not allow mass quantities of lead in our food? Yes, there is a limit on the amount of lead permitted in our food, because too high a level of it is a killer. Surely you agree that restricting lead in food is a good thing? (By the way, lead USED to be very commonly used in the food industry.)


    The FDA has banned or restricted all sorts of food additives over the years, including various flavorings and sweeteners. See a list here:


    So what is the right thing to do? Why is salt the one harmful additive that people are getting irate about? What about all of the others that have been restricted over the years? Should those bans / restrictions also be overturned? If not, why not? What makes sodium chloride any different? I bet it is just as harmful (at the levels under discussion) as the banned (as a food additive) flavoring oil of calamus or the sweetener dulcin.

    • You’re comparing lead to salt? Sounds like a moral equivalency argument from a lib to me.

      Okay, using your rationale, EVERY FUCKING THING WE INGEST should be subject to government control, right? Where does it stop? When do we say “enough is enough” and tell them to just leave us the fuck alone.

  15. Mojito Fan:

    If the government needs to regulate ALL substances that can cause harm and death, then they better start considering regulating the amount of water we all drink. Ingesting too much water, as you may know, can be quite harmful and even fatal.

    One condition an overdose of water can cause is hyponatremia, which coincidentally, manifests itself as too little sodium in the bloodstream. It can cause brain herniation, coma, and in some cases, even death.

    I think the US government needs to take a stand here and consider new legislation that controls the amount of water we all ingest because if the government doesn’t step in, who will?

  16. “using your rationale, EVERY FUCKING THING WE INGEST should be subject to government control”

    That does not follow from anything I said. But if the medical community warns us about some specific food additive, then we should pay attention.

    “You’re comparing lead to salt?”

    Using YOUR rationale, I guess 70 years ago you would have been protesting against limits on lead.

    Guys, get a grip. You are making ridiculous arguments and comparisons. No one is taking salt completely out of food, or preventing its use in food, or preventing you from adding salt to your food, or rimming your drink glasses with salt.

    The medical community is simply trying to prevent dangerous levels of this additive being added to prepared food, as it has done with many other additives.

  17. Mojito Fan,
    Its MY business how much salt goes into MY food. Not the medical community’s or Lord Obama’s.

  18. Here’s a thought why not eliminate sugar substitute, and and let’s have pure cane sugar? Let’s have sea salt. Stop fucking with the food we eat and the water we drink, what we smoke, what we can say and what we can think period! Chemicals and hormones in our foods are messing with the population. Read up on Monsanto purposely injecting crops, flouride in the water, all this crap is connected with Big Pharma. You get sick for eating bio-engineered food, they make profits. SCHIP should totally be repealed, the addictive cancer producing chemicals in cigarettes should be removed(Though I smoke cigar, I know there’s cigarette smokers here that might like this), and we should be allowed to just enjoy our freaking lives without government getting it’s freaking fingers in everything. I so sick and freaking tired of this nanny state bullshit!

  19. I for one was PISSED during the Red Dye #2 flap when I was a kid. What the hell is a bag of M&Ms without the damn red ones? Took them years to put the red ones back in the mix.

  20. Personally I’m an advocate for mandatory Home Ec classes being restored. Girls need to know how to cook from scratch, not from a box, how to read labels, and basic nutritional knowledge. And before anyone starts throwing stones, the majoritiy of families still depend on mom for meals. Here’s a hint, a cake made from a mix is not real cake.

  21. You go Ziva!!!!!

    Man that was refreshing to hear. I remember when moms mothered and fathers fathered.

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