American Royalty


Had the privilege and honor of meeting the former First Lady at the Human Rights and Cyber Dissidents Conference this past weekend held by the George W Bush Institute. All I can say is that Laura Bush is American royalty: dignified, graceful, gentle and caring.

Photo courtesy of Robert Guerra.

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  1. The Bush couple lives in the center of Dallas and no one really notices they’re even here. They’re quiet and low key. No press conferences; no unnecessary appearances. No evening news photo-ops; no traffic-stopping motorcades or choppers overhead, no big PR. If it hadn’t been for Val, I wouldn’t have known this conference was taking place. They’re going about their business and minding their business, as it should be. Have to give that to them.

    En cambio: look at egomaniac Billy Bob, with this bulby nose into everything. And can we collectively cringe at what awaits us when we kick Obama’s ****ss out of office and they return to Chicago with teleprompters on every inch of sidewalk and “post-service” puff pieces by the MSM? Maybe they’ll do us all a favor and the hell out of the country and move to the south Pacific.

  2. Teleprompter, teleprompter, teleprompter. The guy is an idiot, no? Can’t think on his own, right? Got the Harvard Law Review editorship and the professorship at the University of Chicago because you know what. That’s why they sent Alan Keyes to Illinois to compete with him when the worthy adversary he previously had had some divorce papers disclosed. That’s why they put Steele as RNC chairman. Weren’t they black too? That’s why Peggy Noonan wrote this when Bush won in 2004 in that famous –and very well written to be honest– column:

    I do not know what the Democratic Party spent, in toto, on the 2004 election, but what they seem to have gotten for it is Barack Obama. Let us savor.

    And the guy keeps beating the hell outta them.

  3. Eddie, easy Eddie,

    The American people already know what Obama is and is not. You cannot hide it with your post.

    “The guy is an idiot, no? Can’t think on his own, right? Got the Harvard Law Review editorship and the professorship at the University of Chicago”

    So what? We already know what Harvard University is…

    And Obama is an IDIOT.

    One more time, the people have already seen how full of it Obama is. Opps, its all about Sarah Palin, she’s the idiot, and Obama is beyond reproach.

    Oh well, the deflection tactics (or the blaming Bush for everything) are not going to work this time as Sarah Palin (and George W. Bush) are not the US Presidents implementing flawed policies making a bad situation much worse, but Obama is.

    You admitted in other post that you do not agree with his Obama’s policies (I wonder why). Maybe Obama’s policies are not liberal enough for you, who knows.

    I hope you understand that you’re going to be one of those people that come November are going to be terribly disappointed; because just as the polls showed that Obama was going to be elected to office in 2008 (and let me tell you, I did not ignored those polls as I knew we were in an uphill battle) a repudiation of his policies is going to take place this year when he loses control of Congress.

    Easy Eddie, easy,

    For a while I tough that you were taking my humble advice and easing up a little (just a little bit, I didn’t ask for much) on the kool-aid. Now I know I was wrong, I guess I should have known better…LOL

    Eddie you cannot longer ignore the reality unfolding right before your eyes.

  4. Laura W* Bush may have the “bearing” of what Royalty should be, her roots are more in line with normal “folks.” She was the only child of a couple that ran a family business together, took advantage of Educational opportunity taking degrees in Education and Library Science, worked as a Classroom Teacher (At a “John F. Kennedy Elementary School” no less!)Her successes are through her work, not by accident of birth. -S- *- the W is for Welch, hr maiden name.

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