Cuba’s Carnivals during the UNSPEAKABLE (!!!) Era!


Ya mean inter-racial marriage was LEGAL in Cuba under Batista??!!!!

Amigos, don’t miss this slide show of Cuba’s Carnival parades during the 40’s, 50’s: Carnavales 1950s

Note that during the 40’s, 50’s (in a nation 73 % white) Cuba’s Carnivals featured BLACK carnival queens and princesses! (see slides!) Here in New Orleans the only Blacks allowed in the presense of Major carnival groups during those years did so in order to wipe tables and empty the garbage cans. And yet..And YET!!! –I often endure lectures by lifelong New Orleanians who shudder at what a horribly “racist” place Cuba was under Batista!

“Well, just where did you hear that?” I smilingly rebut.

“Oh for heavens sake!” they snort “EVERYBODY knows that!”

We still got plenty work to do, amigos.

And note to fellow Caballeros: behold the CURVES on the Cuban gals featured in the slide show above !!!–much unlike the dimensions of the junkie, anorexic waifs we’re force-fed by the MSM…

Absolutely Glorious!

4 thoughts on “Cuba’s Carnivals during the UNSPEAKABLE (!!!) Era!”

  1. Humberto:

    One of the Carnival queens, I am given to understand, was bailarina and Tropicana star, Leonela Gonzalez. However, she does not seem to appear in the footage shown.

    She is descended from Leonela Enamorado Cabrera, one of the loves of Calixto Garcia …

    So if anyone recognizes her please mention it here, for we share family history …

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