How can one respect a government that causes civil war amongst its own citizens?

From Penultimos Dias, La Voz Del Morro published Rafael Fernandez Fajardo’s testimony. Fajardo is forbidden from leaving Cuba and is accused by Cuba’s State Security. He tried to leave during the Mariel exodus, but was unable to board the ships due to the constant beatings he was receiving from government officials. To this day, he continues to be accosted by them. They prevented him from attending the Juanes concert and continue to prevent him from attending Mass or visiting political prisoners. Below is an excerpt of his testimony, which I have attempted to translate into English:

“Listen, mijo, I’m practically illiterate but when I see that again they’ve started those bestial “Actos de Repudio,” it makes me want to ask: What do they seek with violence? What do they get with that? How can I respect a government that causes a civil war amongst its own citizens? How many of these who gave so many beatings back in the 80’s now reside in Florida?

I’m a baker. I make desserts; my way of helping is to make and bring cake, desserts, crackers… all to the political prisoners. I already told you, chico, that’s my way of helping. And I do it with these hands which will swallow the earth. Oh, and when I can, I sell them and buy soap and other personal hygiene products and I send them to the prisons. Do you think I’m that evil? Do you think that is terrorism? Do you think my desserts are for the CIA or financed by the CIA?”

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  1. *…which the earth will swallow up.

    Just wanted to correct that little Spanish to English translation.

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