True believers

According to news reports and this Miami Herald article, the two Americans who were caught spying for Cuba’s communist dictatorship, Walter and Gwendolyn Myers, have been cooperating with federal officials. The US government is trying to determine how much information they were able to pass on to their Cuban handlers during their 30-year careers as traitors and spies for a foreign government who for the past half-century has sought the destruction of the United States.

Like many of the spies that the Cuban regime has been able to recruit in this country–such as Ana Belen Montes–this couple betrayed their country and its citizens not for money or power, but for ideology; they are what is known as “true believers.”

In November, they [Walter and Gwendolyn Myers] said through a lawyer that they had acted “not out of selfish motive or hope of personal gain but out of conscience and personal commitment.”

The so-called “conscience and personal commitment” the Myers’ speak of not only led them to betray their own country, but they also betrayed humanity by providing aid to a murderous and repressive regime. It is obvious that as true believers they are incapable of seeing the rivers of blood that flow through Cuba, or the souls of men, women, and children that have perished in the Florida straits trying to escape their slave master. Their status as true believers prevents them from seeing the thousands of innocent Cubans that have been murdered, the tens of thousands that are languishing in prison, and the millions that suffer daily under the yoke of tyranny.

As true believers, they gaze upon the tyranny in Cuba and see a benevolent and humanitarian government. And, like Ana Belen Montes, they will most likely go to their graves believing that betraying their country and helping a murderous dictator was the right thing to do.

Unfortunately, true believers are just that, and the Cuban regime is well aware of this. They are much more reliable than spies that demand money and favors and that is why they seek them out. As long as their are weak-minded individuals in America who can be convinced that murder is justice, and oppression is freedom, the Cuban dictatorship will continue to recruit them.

8 thoughts on “True believers”

  1. Being that they acted to assist in the supression of the basic liberties of an entire nation, I would see these folks as war criminals – nothing more, nothing less.

    I would hope these people get a hell of a lot more than a simple slap of the wrist.


  2. Anatasio:

    As part of their guilty pleas, Walter Myers agreed to a life sentence and his wife to a 6 to 7.5 year sentence for their crimes.

    His is appropriate, but she should have received the same.

  3. The money, Larry, is coming from their capitalist posh condo, their capitalist 32′ sailboat, and best of all, their capitalist bank accounts and investment accounts.

    Funny how their “conscience and personal commitment” to communist ideals did not extend to their own quality of life. They were conscientious and personally committed enough though, to help ensure Cubans continued to not enjoy any of the conveniences of a free society while they attended cocktail parties and sailed the Caribbean in their yacht.

    Typical leftist duplicity.

  4. Alberto,

    I wouldn’t consider it “leftist duplicity.” I’d just call a spade a spade:

    They’re a couple of commited racist, prejudiced pricks who want to keep the “natives” in line.

    End of story, IMHO


  5. Anatasio:

    I agree with you 100% that these idiots are “committed racist, prejudiced pricks who want to keep the “natives” in line,” but I would also add that as “true believers,” they actually think that they are doing the “natives” a favor.

    That’s the problem with these committed leftists: they think they know better than the masses and if you have to kill a few of them to keep them in line, it’s for their own good.

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