Happy May Day everyone!

They are getting more and more brazen:

The dark-colored sports utility vehicle which triggered the evacuation of Times Square on Saturday night was found to contain explosives, gasoline, propane and burned wires, a New York Fire Department officer told Reuters.

The officer, who did not give his name because he was not authorized to speak to the media, said a man was seen fleeing the car and police had protectively evacuated several blocks around the popular tourist area in the center of Manhattan in case there were other devices.

The officer said law enforcement at the scene of the sports utility vehicle — which was smoking and from which popping sounds were heard earlier — were treating the vehicle as a “failed device.”

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  1. This is the most important reason why I agree with the Arizona Law. We need to secure our borders as I believe they are our weakest link.

    I can only hope other states (both in the north and in the south) tighten up to keep illegal aliens along with these type individuals out of the U.S.

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