Central Americans complain about abuse by the Colossus (to their) North–Or: “You DON’T wanna be illegal in Mexico!”

el guapo
Si Jefe! We sure have a PLETHORA of fun with our illegals !

Mexican President Felipe Calderon on the new Arizona law: “this opens the door to intolerance, hate, discrimination and abuse in law enforcement.”

“Jose Ramos, 18, of El Salvador said the extortion (by Mexican border police) occurs at every stop in Mexico, until migrants are left penniless and begging for food.

Maria Elena Gonzalez,said female migrants often complain about abusive (Mexican border) police officers. “They (Mexican border police) force them to strip, supposedly to search them, but the purpose is to sexually abuse them,” she said.

Others said they had seen migrants beaten to death by (Mexican border) police, their bodies left near the railway tracks to make it look as if they had fallen from a train…”If you’re carrying any money, they (Mexican border police) take it from you,” said Guatemalan migrant Carlos Lopez in the same story, “federal, state, local (Mexican) police–all of them.” Lopez had been shaken down repeatedly in 15 days of traveling through Mexico.

“If you’re on a bus, they pull you off and search your pockets, and if you have any money,” added El Salvadoran migrant Jose Ramos, “they (Mexican Border police) keep it all and say, ‘Get out of here!'”

In May of 2002, 18 Americans–though holding perfectly legal Mexican visas–were unceremoniously booted out of Mexico. “And stay out!” yelled the Mexican immigration authorities while shaking their fists.

The Americans’ crime? Why, the arrogant Gringo scoundrels participated in a May Day march in Mexico City!


(Trivia: The Mexican actor Alfonso Arau (El Guapo) went to Cuba promptly upon Castro’s victory and founded Stalinist Cuba’s Teatro Musical de La Habana, which he ran until 1964. He then scooted back to Mexico. So he’s a sure bet to appear soon on Univison, denouncing “Gusano hardliners!” whose families were murdered and tortured during his stint as Castroite. He certainly fits the bill.)

12 thoughts on “Central Americans complain about abuse by the Colossus (to their) North–Or: “You DON’T wanna be illegal in Mexico!””

  1. In keeping with the Marxist habit, these activists do not care at all about Hispanics and the abuse they suffer. They care ONLY about undermining and discrediting the United States.
    Once you realize that, all the hypocrisy and double standards make sense.

  2. I wonder what government these idiots are talking about. Almost nobody ever gets deported in the USA and it is not uncommon to see cases go on for a decade. The immigrants scam the system change venues and shop for the most liberal IJ’s.

    Mexico is brutal in any comparison. The coyotes and drug gangs are a big business and snake heads traffic through there as well. Bribery is rife and brutality is not unheard of. Transfer payments are a huge source of revenue for Mexico.

    Those that cry about special immigration privileges for Cubans really need to look at the rights given to Haitians largely the work of the corrupt friend of Castro Charlie Rangel.

  3. No! Not El Guapo! Sad to hear he’s a commie…I loved his characters in all the movies I’ve seen of his…both of them. Too bad, maybe if he had worked more on his acting skills than taking part in communist revolutions he’d be more known for other roles besides El Guapo and Mule Pepe.

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