17 thoughts on “Why I Stand With Arizona”

  1. I’d like to give this repugnant imbecile a little private tour of La Cabaña.

    I’m beginning to think the Arizona law is just too soft….

  2. But he’s La-teee-no? No? So we must stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters!…..What?..ya mean we’re a bunch of traitors–or even worse: honkeys?!

  3. funny thing is, why do Mexicans and most immigrants come to the USA?? To participate in the capitalism and make money for themselves and their families.

  4. It is obvious that afifth Column a Marxist one is behind many of these illegals.
    As far as I’m concerned I no longer support any Mexican Illegal, send them all back

  5. Afpita:

    According to this lunatic, it appears “la raza” is coming to America to destroy capitalism, bring down the imperialists, and take over both South and North America.

    That is the gist of his speech, when you think about it. It isn’t about immigration rights or protecting the rights of immigrants, it is about fomenting “revolution” so “la raza” can seize power.

  6. OK. Say we granted this scum the U.S. southwest “robbed” from Mexico? In five years they be coming east and north AGAIN!!–after turning California, Arizonao, Colorado, etc. into a typical MEXICAN PESTHOLE!!!.We’ll be driven into the Atlantic and beyond unless we build a wall against this pestilence!


  7. This moron hit all of the Marxist greatest hits …

    1. Praised Fidel, Hugo, and Evo
    2. Cited the example of Che
    3. Cited capitalism and imperialism as enemy
    4. Talked about making revolutionaries in the classroom
    5. Declared war against the US govt
    6. Openly spit on the laws of the US

  8. If you’re going to start a revolution, go to the country where the illegal immigrants come from!

  9. He doesn’t have to live here. There are plenty of places full of misery that he can go to that already have those things in place. We can save time, money, and my ulcers. What a POS!

  10. Its seems that I have heard this garbage before in the streets of Spanish Harlem. These culosucios don’t offer any kind of hope or dreams to anyone. All they spew from their mouths is hate and violence. Then they go back home and smoke dope.
    Que clase de basura!

  11. This guy is vomiting hatred at Americans and gushing admiration for murderous dictators. Did anyone read the sign behind him: “Hate Speech is not Free Speech.”

    These guys are such fanatics, such psychotics, that they’re oblivious to the irony.

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