“Babalu Bloggers Bedevil the Regime In Havana!” Blares Breitbart headline!

“And though MSM agencies with Havana bureau’s still perform for Castro like trained seals, bloggers (and the new media in general) are increasingly vexing the Castro regime. Reuters, AP, and CBS might clutch the regime’s hand-out sheets and eagerly transcribe them. Upon hearing Castro’s whistle, ABC, NBC and the AP might come running, their tongues out and their tails wagging.

The Cuban-American bloggers at Babalu Blog, on the other hand, watch the clown-show with bitter mirth while rubbing their hands. Ed Mc Mahon never lobbed it over so temptingly for Johnny.”

Entire intransigence here.


1 thought on ““Babalu Bloggers Bedevil the Regime In Havana!” Blares Breitbart headline!”

  1. So proud of the work we do at Babalú Blog, and Humberto “El Cirujano” Fontova´s writing? Tis a thing of great beauty, and even better a knife that slices widely through the castro regimes lies. Great stuff amigo.

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