10 thoughts on “Cuba’s Sex Trade”

  1. Americans have the constitutional right to travel wherever they please to hire 12-year-old prostitutes. Just the type of situations our founding fathers were thinking of when they wrote the constitution.

  2. I just love (/sarc) how it’s ONLY pedophilia when Catholic priests do this. But it’s okay for this in Cuba, Thailand, the Muslim culture, etc …

    You’ll never see MoDo at the NYTimes writing 2 weeks worth of scathing bloodthirsty columns about it, or have Christopher Hitchens looking to have castro arrested for this.

  3. Where’s the hard-hitting expose from the liberal-dominated US media? Hell, what we’re more likely to see is a thinly veiled advertisement in the New York Times advocating for travel to the island so Americans can partake of the ‘utter pleasures’ available for all. Scumbags…

  4. So funny to see all the blame directed at Europeans and Americans…of course, all the CUBAN pimps and the CUBAN parents who let/encourage their children to do this have NOTHING to do with the child sex trade in Havana…personal responsibility folks!

    • Some people are easily swayed, and some are born with no conscience, but nobody’s letting anybody off the hook. Fifty one plus years of communism on the island, with no teachings of morals and ethics, of basic right and wrong, and this is what you get.

  5. Cristo,

    Ill tell you why I didn’t mention the Cubans.

    There’s a stark difference in traveling to a country to get fucked, and living in a country where you’re so fucked that you need to fuck to stay alive.

  6. Right on. Would only add that besided spending 5 decades without any moral or ethics training, the younger generation under castro has grown up under a regime that discourages, if not forbids, any moral or ethical developement, the kind needed for a healthy society to thrive. When the regime defines what is right or not, this is what you get. Of course, all done on purpose.

  7. “and living in a country where you’re so fucked that you need to fuck to stay alive.”


    You have very accurately described that current situation for the Cubans in the island under the Castro tyranny.

    It is what is is and it is extremely painful and sad to watch what going on in Cuba these days…

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