Why California (and our country) are almost bankrupt

Can’t wait to hear the “progressive” justification for this boondoggle:

California’s state Assembly has approved a bill that would allow drug felons to collect food stamps.

Under the federally funded program, people convicted of drug felonies are banned from receiving the aid after they leave prison. But states can opt out of that ban, and California lawmakers voted 42-23 Thursday to do that.

5 thoughts on “Why California (and our country) are almost bankrupt”

  1. California is in a similar situation to Greece. They have a half-trillion dollar unfunded pension liability. Wait til they have to start paying out that one.

  2. There is no hope in fixing CA economy until they do something about the amount of money spent on State employee compensation.

    Bill Lama of Palos Verdes Blog has an excellent article and says “States and local governments would save $339 billion a year if they paid their workers the same as private workers. That is enough to more than cover the estimated 2010-2011 deficits of every state in the nation.”


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