4 thoughts on “Rasmussen: Rubio 39%, Crist 31%”

  1. Pinocchio Crist can run but cannot hide either from his failed record as Florida’s Governor or his lies…

  2. It was charlie that stated NUMEROUS times that this race was about TRUST and INTEGRITY, at the televised debate with Marco Rubio, two things that he has no idea of their meaning. Then goes back on his word and tries to go at it as an independent.
    100 folks at the kick off party??? Seems pretty lame, Probably most of them family anyway. Wonder what he is going to do with all that ill-gotten money?

  3. Lynx,

    Charlie “Pinocchio” Crist flip-flopping and lying is like we Cubans say, “a lo descarao”; that’s why he is in trailing in the polls again.

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