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  1. Thank you so much for this post (saved it to my drive). This is exactly what I see on my regular flights out of Miami Int’l. People often ask me about the non-existent “el bloqueo” — now I have some hard copy to give them.

  2. Humberto, I need to know something asap, which I think you can provide, although I think I know the answer, but have to make sure. Are medicines from the US arriving in Cuba, and is it directly, or through a third country?

    Reason I asked is that the April 30 issue of Science had an editorial from outside the journal, praising the medical system of Cuba and how the embargo has to be lifted in order to send medicine, etc. etc. Unfortunately, I just now picked up that issue so I’m responding late (not that it matters, they never publish anything scientific of mine).

  3. Medicines were excluded from the “embargo” way back in 1992, with a few provisions for inspection upon their arrival in Cuba. Even these provisions were removed in 2000.

  4. Humberto, while I agree that many medicines are going direct from the U.S. to Cuba, it is not really totally wide open it it?

    I’ve heard / read various members of the medical community argue / write that U.S. law still makes it difficult if not impossible to export many medicines to Cuba. For instance (this is just the first article I could find online) see


    Is the fellow (Kirby Jones) who wrote this bit incorrect?

    “For years, the United States has touted its openness to sell medicines and medical products to Cuba as a manifestation of its humanitarian generosity. But the reality is far different. At the same time that the United States says companies can sell medicines, it writes regulations into the fine print which makes it impossible to do so. The United States demands that any company that sells such medical products to Cuba must also certify and report to the U.S. government that none of those products will be used for members of Cuba’s government. This regulation makes it nearly impossible for companies to sell since there is no real way in which they can make honest certifications.”

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