Castro’s European Apologists

A great piece today on the Heritage Foundation’s website takes on the fact that without enablers, the Castro dictatorship could never have lasted five decades. It is the complicit help of European countries that has helped prop up the Castro regime, which under normal circumstances would have folded decades ago.

This is today’s must read, especially Armando Valladares’ quotations.

Castro’s European Apologists

Do left-wing European journalists and politicians share the blame for the 50-year duration of the Castro dictatorship? Cuban human rights campaigner Armando Valladares seems to think so, and he makes a good case.

Sure, the Castros and their goons—who beat up with truncheons and drag through the streets anyone who dares speak their minds in the “Socialist Paradise”—have ultimate responsibility for what they have wrought. But Valladares, who spent 20 years in Castro’s Gulag, has a point when he says that the support that Europe’s self-selected bien pensants have given to Cuba’s oppressors has been instrumental in the continuation of Cuba’s tragedy. Most galling to Valladares is that this support is given because of the hatred the Europeans feel for the United States, which seems to override the suffering of 10 million people.

3 thoughts on “Castro’s European Apologists”

  1. Although those europeans and others proped up the Castro’s regime,in my opinion,we,the cubans,one way or the other are the the ones with the most important part of that blame.

    You can look any other communist regime,ex USSR,Noth Korea,Viet Nam,they didn’t get the “help” from those europeans the way Castro had and those regimes were alive and kicking for more than half a century,some of them like North Korea is still hanging there.

    Cubans helped Castro got to power,cubans are the ones responsibles and with the power to get it down,from the top or the bottom .


  2. There has always been an obvious double standard, all the more offensive for being so blatant. It’s not just with Cuba, but with any leftist criminal entity, which consistently gets treated considerably more leniently and sympathetically than a comparable one of right-wing coloring (think of Pinochet, for instance, from whom even the Pope tried to keep his distance, which was NOT done with Castro). Communism has never gotten the unqualified revulsion and condemnation universally accorded to the Nazis, even though it caused far more harm over a wider range for a much longer time.

    And yes, the main factor is not that the world loves Castro, but that it hates and/or envies the US. Valladares has written of his experience as Reagan’s appointee at the UN, and how Spanish diplomats there (like the Swedish politician he mentions in this piece) were quite aware of human rights abuses in Cuba but either downplayed or actually denied them, the express reason being to avoid supporting the US position. This is, of course, hijeputez (SOB behavior) pure and simple, and evidence of the most repugnant hypocrisy, but that’s the way it is. If Spain, our “mother,” could sink so low, why would anybody else behave better?

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