Mafiosos posing as diplomats

On May 22 there was a worldwide march for human rights in Cuba, and where possible they were held in front of Cuban embassies.  This description of the protest in Norway from CNN’s iReport , linked by Marc on Facebook, shows exactly the kind of criminal thugs the castro regime sends to pose as Cuban diplomats.

On May 22nd, 2010 took place a worldwide protest in front of Cuban embassies with the aim of defending human rights in Cuba and against the imprisonment of Cuban political prisoners.

In Norway, there were just 7 people outside the Cuban embassy;  most of Cubans outside Cuba do not dare to take action in such demonstrations because they are afraid of the consequences for their familie members left behind in the island, and also because the Cuban government can deny them to travel to the country whenever they want. Such things have happened before. In Cuba such demonstrations are prohibited.

Anyway I just wanted to share what happened in Norway  for just 2 days ago, when these 7 people demostrated in front of the embassy of this country. One girl was filming what was happening, and suddenly the Cuban Consul in Norway, when out to the street, outside the embassy and started taking pictures of the girl. The girl, whose name is Alexandra Jones and is just 20 years old then got bitten by the Consul. According to Alexandra, the consul who is a woman of around 60 years old  came closer to her and put the camera so close to the young woman’s face that the latter tried to protect herself by putting her hand in the consul’s camera to move it out of the way; it was then when the consul attacked her.

I am going to attach the norwegian newspaper that publish everything. There are some pictures as well.

I think that this information will show the world the lack of respect and common sense of Castros’s diplomats. Imagine if such things happen outside Cuba, the horrible things they allow themself to do inside.

Here’s a great photo from the march in Miami, which took place without incident.

Photo courtesy of Miguel Pascual.