“Cuba no longer actively supports armed struggle in Latin America and other parts of the world.” (Obama State Department)

“Cuba no longer actively supports armed struggle in Latin America and other parts of the world.” Unsurprisingly the free-market (but only regarding trade with Stalinist Cuba) and “non-partisan” (but skews 80 per in backing Democratic policies) Lexington Institute reports the above regarding a report by our crackerjack State Department.

Comes now a report by some Cuba Experts, worthy of the name:

“the report identifies Cuba as a geopolitical and economic center of the FARC’s activities…It describes a visit that FARC representatives, Liliana López Palacio, alias Olga Lucía Marín and Orlay Jurado Palomino, alias Hermes Aguilera, paid last August to Cuba, to discuss the group’s international political initiatives….One of these FARC representatives, Olga Marin, receives a $5,000 monthly stipend through the Cuban bank account of a Venezuelan government entity.

Entire story by our friends and those GENUINE Cuba Experts at Capitol Hill Cubans.

Unreal…but the State Dept. report is perfectly in keeping with other crackerjack U.S. gov. agencies regarding Cuba, especially (alleged former Phil Peters employers) the CIA: “Don’t worry, (Republican) Ambassador, ( Earl Smith.) We’ve infiltrated Castro’s group in the Sierra. The Castros and Ernesto “Che” Guevara have no affiliations with any Communists whatsoever.” (Havana CIA station chief Jim Noel 1958.)

Close enough for government work and especially for “Cuba Experts”……

14 thoughts on ““Cuba no longer actively supports armed struggle in Latin America and other parts of the world.” (Obama State Department)”

  1. That’s right Alberto, you just nailed it.

    These so called “Cuba experts” know more about Cuba and the Castro brothers that us Cuban-Americans that lived a good chunk of our lives under that tyranny.

    Like Humberto says unreal, FREAKING UNREAL!

  2. Prediction:
    Expect a state visit of Obama to Havana sometime in the next 12 months to be the first sitting President to do so; it will be “historic”.
    Obama is the American Trudeau.

  3. The Government is willfully blind to the evidence that proves otherwise. The conventional wisdom is that Cuba is not a threat, it doesn’t foment revolution or support the seizure of power by anti-US, left-wing movements, and Raul will rule blissfully until kingdom-come. Remember this; Ana Montes wasn’t the only one pandering to the ‘Cuba is not a problem’ mindset – there are others, and this Administration will bring them out of the woodwork. Yes…Un-Freaking-Real!

  4. I don’t know about that Rob, time will tell,

    I’m sure that Obama would love to shake his hands with Raul Castro. The heck, there is no enemy of America that he does not love to embrace.

    I have a feeling that by that time Obama might have much bigger fish to fry, like dealing with a Republican Congress that will keep him on a tight leash and dealing with the disastrous consequences of his current policies.

  5. “The Government is willfully blind to the evidence that proves otherwise.”


    The government is blind on purpose as the lefties in the administration have their own agenda that soon enough will blow-up in their faces.

  6. To the extent it’s even true, it’s because with the USSR dead they don’t have nearly the amount of money to foment anything anymore, not because they don’t want to because they surely do. Maybe it’s their way of publicly admitting the Commie Sugar (so to speak) Daddy torch has been passed to Chavez, sort of like a candidate who lost in the primary giving the winner his endorsement.

  7. Sometimes I’m amazed that the US has remained on top as long as it has, because the people running things leave one hell of a lot to be desired, and that’s probably always been the case. In other words, either the rest of the world is even more fucked up or it’s divine providence–or both.

  8. I find the responses to the column by pro-Castro idiots amazing, they lie and they lie and they continue to lie.

    Particularly hurtful was the statement that Castro did not target civilians this is completely untrue. However, Castro and especially Guevara acted on their opinions,
    if they thought somebody was working for Batista they simply had him or her killed. …

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