9 thoughts on “Baila Nostalgia!”

  1. Gigi,

    I heard that old lady in the last photo is 91 years old and goes every year to Cuba Nostalgia.

    She was dancing by herself and had one of those new tricycle walkers (“burritos”) and the walker was her partner.

    It was priceless to watch her!

    That “Clase A” band was so good that had nearly everyone dancing on the floor…

  2. Felix,

    I missed that band last year, but Val told me about it last Saturday so I’m glad I was there Sunday because it was the best day.

    That Clase A band was the BOMB! They’re that good…

    Anyway, Sunday is the best day to go to Cuba Nostalgia because it is the day that has the most attendance. The previous years I only went on Saturday (so I didn’t know what I was missing).

    Now you know for next year…

  3. 91??? GOOD for her! May she be there past 100. When I look at these seniors, who are often so maligned as “intransigents” and political “dinasours,” I remember my own folks when we arrived, the hard work, long hours at the factorias in Hialeah where my mom worked to put me thru private school, the colas she and her friends endured hoping to get an interview for one of those meager jobs that meant so much, my dad doing work he’d never done before and didn’t much like but had to in order to feed us…. and I say, the hell with all the critics who are totally clueless and weren’t around to see that generation. They have paid their dues. They should boogie all they want, burritos or canes notwithstanding. 🙂

  4. Gigi,

    Be extremely proud of the many sacrifices you parents made, that’s part of building the American dream.

    We all started from the bottom as Cuban immigrants that arrived penniless with only one suitcase to America and worked very hard to where we’re today.

    We all should be extremely proud of that fact…

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