“FUEGO!!!” (Times 14,000 according to the Black Book of Communism)

tony chao
“Shoot me RIGHT HERE! You Ñangara Hijos de Puta!…Right in the CHEST! Like a MAN!!!”

“The 20-year-old freedom-fighter’s voice boomed out. “Shoot me RIGHT HERE!” roared Tony at his gaping Castroite executioners. His voice thundered and his head bobbed with the effort. “Right in the CHEST!” Tony yelled. “Like a MAN!” Tony stopped and ripped open his shirt, pounding his chest and grimacing as his gallant executioners gaped and shuffled. “Right HERE!” he pounded.

On his last day alive, Tony had received a letter in jail from his mother. “My dear son,” she counseled. “How often I’d warned you not to get involved in these things. But I knew my pleas were vain. You always demanded your freedom, Tony, even as a little boy. So I knew you’d never stand for communism. Well, Castro and Che finally caught you. Son, I love you with all my heart. My life is now shattered and will never be the same, but the only thing left now, Tony . . . is to die like a man.”

“FUEGO!!” Che’s lackey yelled the command and the bullets shattered Tony’s crippled body, just as he’d reached the stake, lifted himself and stared resolutely at his murderers.

Compare Tony’s death to Guevara’s capture: “Don’t shoot!” whimpered the arch-assassin to his captors. “I’m Che! I’m worth more to you alive than dead!”

Then ask yourselves: whose face belongs on T-shirts worn by youth who fancy themselves, rebellious, freedom-loving and brave? Who deserves a Hollywood movie?

“Certainly WE execute! And WE will continue executing as long as needed!” (Che Guevara addressing the UN General Assembly, Dec. 1964)

“I urge the abolition of the Death penalty in the U.S…….it is my belief that it is neither our job nor our right as a people, as a government or as a country, to use homicide as an instrument of social policy.” Jesse Jackson in his book opposing the death penalty titled “Legal Lynching.”

“VIVA CHE GUEVARA!” Jesse Jackson in Havana 1984.

Entire intransigence here.


6 thoughts on ““FUEGO!!!” (Times 14,000 according to the Black Book of Communism)”

  1. The castro’s, che, et al, are filth, and when Cuba is free, Tony and all the true heroes will be remembered with love and honor. History will not absolve the executioners. Great friggin post Humberto.

  2. Riveting story Humberto, how did you come across it? Did a prisoner live to report it or did a henchmen confess to the crime?

    Sadly the Che lackeys will point to the fact that he was killed in 1962 – 3 years after Che left La Cabana. Not realizing that I am sure he would have approved had he been there.

  3. I would like to see T-Shirts honoring the names or pictures on the shirt of people that Che was responsible for shooting. With the proceeds to go for fighting to bring down the Cuba nightmare (that would directly honor the price that these brave souls paid to fight for Cuban’s freedoms).

  4. “Che,” needless to say, is still a very big hit in his native Argentina, where the current president, well-known fashion victim Cretina Kirchner, has recently inducted him into some sort of national Hall of Fame. It figures. Latrine America at its usual best.

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