Commie bastard who disrupted the LA march for Las Damas outed

During the Hunger for Change March in Los Angeles earlier this year, while actor Andy Garcia was speaking on behalf of the political prisoners, the event was interrupted by a bull horn wielding che loving communist come mierda blasting pro-castro, pro-che revolutionary slogans from a  hillside just across the street. This che loving scumbag interrupted a Cuban event with chants aimed at taunting elderly exiles to invoke the spectre of loved ones tortured and executed, with the added insult of waving a defamed Cuban flag superimposed with the image of the butcher of la Cabana–what a vile despicable thing to do.

Thanks to the investigation by Fact Real, we know who this castro loving, exile hating hijo de puta is. He is a typical Los Angeles lover of el che, a reconquistador, a worshiper of a failed murderous ideology who celebrates executioners, and as an educator, poisons young minds.

Who is this egotistical asshole?  His name is Ron Gochez, the same La Raza promoting Los Angeles teacher who is on video here calling for Mexican revolt in the U.S. Thanks to Fact Real, he has been outed as the commie scum he is. His documented account (sic), is here.

As the end of the castro revolution nears, Cuban exiles scattered around the globe, and their friends have lists of those who have carried out the regimes orders of actos de repudio, executions and brutality.  We will remember every last cowardly dictator collaborating one of them.

17 thoughts on “Commie bastard who disrupted the LA march for Las Damas outed”

  1. Ziva, te la comistes! Good Job! Why don’t you start a file here on Babalu with the names and photos of those comemierdas that have been identified so that people can access it and check these idiots out?

  2. Unfortunately this gringo, didn’t pay close enough attention in Spanish class in highschool. But thanks for the heads up, it’s always instructive to find out which groups are actually working for freedom, and those that are actively working against it. La Raza says they are working for “latino’s” as if all people think the same way. From my experience people have very differing opinions how any one can claim to speak for people from so many differing backrounds and countries strikes me as odd from the beginning.
    Continue, the fight, I think the fat lady is about to sing to the Cuban dictators soon.

  3. But of course. Another of our dear Mexican brothers doing what apparently comes naturally. Oh, yeah, I’m going on vacation to Cancun real soon. NOT. Not even if it was dirt cheap. Mexico is hardly the only culprit, but it’s way up there on my shit list.

  4. And all that was needed was another CNBC documentary giving credence to the ideas of this jerk. Perhaps another day soon they will catch up with this and interview him to air his grievances against those C.I.A. inspired Ladies in White trouble makers.

  5. Oh, and can you imagine the response, both in LA and nationwide, if this SOB had pulled this sort of number at some gay or black-related event? OMG. Cubans, of course, are fair game. You know, like cockroaches.

  6. I lived in L.A for 20 years and I saw first hand how idiots like Ron Gochez are propped up as defenders of latinos, or “La Raza”. Most media outlets portray Cuban exiles as a violent, fanatical minority. When I moved to Miami I realized how distorted my views had become when I talked to older Cubans and met people who actually spent decades in a communist jail. This opened my eyes. Ron Gochez represents a tiny minority of radicals with crazy ideas. Most exiles and immigrants (most Cubans and Colombians I’ve met) are hard working people with no axe to grind. But when we are provoked, and our patience is tried….

  7. I wanna see this punk teaching high school in Cuba. He’ll get beat up by his own students on the first day.

  8. I can’t believe that this pos is teaching our children. Too bad someone dosent drop him out of a plane 9with or without a parachute)over Cuba. Let him live under Castro’s rule. HJe would be rotting in prison for what he did in the video.

  9. Can you just imagine if Cuban Americans went to Arizona and disrupted a demonstration by pro-amnesty chicanos by shouting “deport them now!”

    The horrible thing is that these “latino activists” actually think that they have a greater right to Cuba than we do.

    Sad thing is that Cuban Americans never ever disrupt the activities of other latinos, whether it be the independistas of Puerto Rico, or the radical chicanos in the Southwest, or anyone else. Dam! Why can’t they leave us alone?

  10. Rayarena,
    Good point.
    Everything in this age of moral relativism and selective indignation leads to double standards that are never acknowledged by the left as existing.
    Look at the difference between the way the world, this administration and the msm treated North Korea’s murders and the flotilla episode.
    But we in the right and on the right must keep on keeping on, confident that we are honest and self examining.

  11. Honey, that’s the thing, “selective indignation.” Also, its a matter of widespread perception. Case in point, castro calls himself a communist, he allied himself with the former iron curtain and declared himself an enemy of the United States. This gave him a patina of legitimacy and turned him into a walking Teflon pan. Didn’t matter what he did, he always came out and still comes out smelling like roses even though in reality castro is a caudillo and a rightwinged thug, a flaming fascist. But alas, he talks the talk.

    A Cuban Jewish friend of mind once commented on this double standard and the stupidity of the left. He said how the “left” is mesmerized by flowing banners and socialist rhetoric. He whimsically commented that if Hitler had waved banners, declared himself a communist and started giving marathon “humanistic” speeches, he would have gotten away with what he did!

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