NBC Partners with Castro’s DGI–AGAIN!

Some backdrop: at one point in 1961 Castro’s jails and forced labor camps held the highest number of political prisoners (per capita) on earth—higher than Stalin’s own during the Great Terror. Castro and Che’s firing squads were also murdering hundreds of Cuban patriots per week.

“Of course I knew the missiles were nuclear- armed, “responded Castro during a meeting with Robert Mc Namara in 1992. “That’s precisely WHY I urged Khrushchev too launch them. And of course Cuba would have been utterly destroyed in the exchange.”

“The victory of socialism is well worth millions of atomic victims,” boasted Che Guevara in November 1962.

Getting your children out of a country run by the men on record for the mass-murders, mass-tortures and genocidal lusts mentioned above probably strikes many American parents as prudent.

But if your only resource for information on operation Peter Pan was CNBC (probably the case with 98 per-cent of non-Cuban American viewers) you’d come away convinced those Cuban parents (to say nothing of their children) were victims alight—but of the U.S.!

Entire intransigence here.

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