All in the family

As mentioned by Humberto in the preceding post, it seems the Castro regime has its dirty and bloody fingers in every communist pie. And like any vile dictatorship, they like to keep things in the family.

Via Capitol Hill Cubans we see not only a relationship between Cuba’s communist dictatorship and the Mexican drug cartel, but also a relationship between these criminal organizations and the Castro family itself.

Mexican Cartel Linked to Castro

The recent arrest of the Mayor of Cancun, Mexico (and candidate for Governor of the overall state of Quintana Roo), Gregorio Sanchez Martinez, for money laundering, human smuggling and narcotics trafficking, has revealed a series of disturbing links to Cuban intelligence in these illicit activities.

According to Mexican investigative journalists, Sanchez Martinez is married to the daughter of a high-ranking Colonel in Castro’s intelligence services and was involved in a human trafficking ring that smuggled Cuban, Russian and Chinese nationals to the U.S., through Mexico.

Working together with the Governor’s wife was Boris del Valle Alonso, a Cuban official who served as a “security adviser” to Sanchez Martinez and as a member of “Los Zetas,” the feared paramilitary group-turned-drug syndicate.

Boris is related to Fidel Castro’s wife, Dalia Soto del Valle.

Looks like this web is only beginning to unravel.

Talk about a family run business!