15 thoughts on “Marco Rubio: Always on the right side”

  1. Now this is a US Senator. The age of Obama is having the unintended consequence of producing some great statesmen like Rubio, Jindal and Christie.

  2. Has Crist made a statement on the “raid” yet? I wonder if he will stake out the Pro-Palestinian position?

  3. Drillanwr, ditto! I’ve said it before, and I’m proud to say it again, Marco Rubio is presidential material, and I predict that he may be the first Cuban American President.

  4. I have to add, considering the success of Cubans in America, how could anyone doubt that the first “Latino” president could probably be Cuban?

  5. Agree! He had my vote already but this statement confirms it even more. Israel has every right to exist and to defend itself and the US should stand strong behind one of our strongest allies. I doubt Barry & Hillary will do much though.

  6. This explains why Mark Levin started talking up Mr. Rubio months ago. A person who stands in the right place so consistantly is not putting their finger in the air, but displaying there moral judgement. I to love this guy.

  7. Rubio would find it extremely difficult to run for president. He would immediately, and relentlessly, be pegged as a Cuba-obsessed right-winger who would put Cuba matters first, to the detriment of American domestic concerns. The non-Cuban “Hispanic” vote would not go for him, and neither would any of the usual Democratic “clients.” The media, of course, would do its considerable best against him, and it would obviously get plenty of “encouragement,” however covert, from Castro, Inc. It’s not impossible, but he’d have major obstacles to overcome.

  8. Asombra, the US elected a president who is a muslim obsessed left winger, with no record of ever having done anything, and ill equiped to handle the presidency, so yes anything is possible

  9. Mr Mojito

    In NYC Jesus as a Palestinian is a favorite theme of Communists. It is a laughable
    demented rant by people who are summed up as the ignorantii.

    In short if you repeat the correct cliches you will be awarded with fake degrees and jobs in Universities and most media outlets despite a lack of skill.

  10. Lynx, the election of Obama is not a good analogy. He had tons of advantages, however spurious or dubious, that Rubio could never count on. It doesn’t matter what kind of track record Rubio might have as a senator; the MSM, for one, would do all it could to derail him, just as it did all it could to help Obama. It’s not as if things worked according to the same (one) standard across the board. That is most certainly not the case, and the facts speak for themselves.

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