Spain gives up… for now

Trying to take advantage of their six-month term at the EU presidency, Spain’s government attempted to ease the political pressure on the Castro dictatorship. Spain has billions of dollars invested in Cuba’s dictatorial regime, and makes billions of dollars in revenue exploiting the misery of the Cuban people.

Unfortunately for Spain, however, the Cuban regime did not cooperate and few of the EU member states fell for their ruse that “dialogue” with a totalitarian dictatorship was the key to easing the suffering of the Cuban people. With their term coming to an end at the end of June, Spain has given up–for now, at least–trying to improve their position as the chief exploiter of Cuba’s slave labor.

Spain Sees EU Position on Cuba Remaining Unchanged

MADRID – During its six-month presidency of the European Union, Spain will try hard up until the end of its term to attempt to soften the bloc’s common policy toward Cuba, although Madrid assumes that it will not be possible to change the stance that has prevailed since 1996 and pegs top-level dialogue with the Castro regime to advances toward democracy on the island.

The lack of sufficient gestures in favor of its political prisoners on the part of the Raul Castro regime and the rejection by several European partners of the attempt to make more flexible the current framework of bilateral relations are the main obstacles toward changing the common position, Spanish government officials said.

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  1. Listen, if Spain is STILL at it after centuries of screwing Cuba over, and it most certainly is, the chances of any real “cambio” are slim to none.

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