Thank Goodness the Castros rid Cuba of Meyer Lansky!!!

“Sheeeeeiiit! Compared to what the Castros give my Mexican and Colombian counterparts, what Batista gave me–was CHUMP CHANGE!!!”

The detention of Gregorio “Greg” Sánchez Martínez (a leftist candidate for the Quintana Roo state governorship in Mexico) for money laundering and trafficking in illegal immigrants has exposed the nexus between Cuban intelligence and Mexican narcotraffickers, reports SIPSE.

El Financiero cites José Antonio Pérez Stuart, an expert columnist on intelligence matters, who believes that the objective of the political association between Cuban intelligence and narcotraffickers is the penetration of Castro agents in Mexican territory in order to infiltrate Mexican politics, control government positions and utilize them to their benefit.

Behind the international campaign against the 2010 Arizona Immigration Law—SB1070 are bands of narco-communists, according to Pérez Stuart, in charge of infiltrating the United States from Mexico with Cuban, Chinese and Russian illegal immigrants.

Havana’s intelligence services are under suspicion for utilizing trafficking channels of illegal Cuban immigrants to infiltrate intelligence agents into the United States because their spy networks have been discovered/dismantled in recent years.

(H/T to our indefatigable friends over at Capitol Hill Cubans. Their political battle reminds me of the military one by the 101st Airborne (and my late dad-in-law) while surrounded and horribly outnumbered by Hitler’s crack Panzer divisions in Bastogne, Dec. 1944.)


2 thoughts on “Thank Goodness the Castros rid Cuba of Meyer Lansky!!!”

  1. Just for the record, Meyer Lansky tried to flee to Israel in the early 1970’s and he was described to PM Gold Meir with the word mafia. To her credit she replied “Mafia? mafia?…no mafia in Israel” and they threw him out.

  2. But of Course, seguro que si – Contrary to popular opinion in the US, Mexico is a wealthy nation in terms of mineral wealth and agriculture, not to mention a growing industrial base. Kind of like Cuba, 1958 writ large. What a perfect place for Castro, Inc. to exploit to maintain the regime for the indefinite future. -S-

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