Rosie the riveter

Rosie O’Donnell, political scientist extraordinaire, liberal/progressive icon, feminist, and all around genius, said this on her show Monday.

“I say seize their assets. Right now. Seize their assets today. Take over the [company]. I don’t care [how]. Issue an executive order…Call it socialism, call it communism, call it anything you want. Let’s watch Rush Limbaugh explode on TV…Seize the assets. Take over BP.”

And just so you don’t think I’m picking on poor defenseless Rosie, she said this about Helen Thomas and those pesky Jews:

Woo hoo! The ovens are gone! Woo hoo! Time for a party, Hebrews! Hava nagilah, y’all!

Jesus, Mary and Joseph. To think this “woman” actually gets air time and is taken seriously by some libs.

The asteroid can’t come soon enough…

13 thoughts on “Rosie the riveter”

  1. With the pitifully overdue exit of the wicked witch of the leftist WH press corps, it seems like all the antisemitic gasbags are coming out of the woodwork, doesn’t it?

    Wishing that Rush would explode convinces me beyond all doubt that ODonnell has never seriously looked at herself unclothed before a full-length mirror.

  2. Rosie is one ANGRY beeyatch! George, your cat is much too kind. You should see what my dogs’ reactions to her comments were. Let’s just say you don’t want a kiss from them right now.

  3. Oh, these bitter Mein Kampf and Communist Manifesto clingers.

    Gotta hand it to Rosie. She consistently never allows facts and evidence to get in her way, much like a runaway smog-spewing barge cutting through peaceful waters.

    “Fire doesn’t melt steel” … she’s a physics major, doncha know.

    Private businesses and industry do so much better under total government rule (communism). She’s an economic expert.

    And agreeing with Helen Thomas, completely ignoring Biblical and archeological evidence, insists the “Jooos” are “occupying” Israel. She’s a historian …

    Israel/Gaza have a very rich Jewish history rooting way back before Mohammad should’ve been a nasty trickle down his daddy’s dirty leg.

    On a sidebar, Helen Thomas insists the “Joooos” should get the hell out of that mythical fairytale land of “Palestine”. And this mental and emotional slug agrees with her. Well, how do they feel about purging ALL Muslims from Europe, the Americas, and Asia and making them go back to their Arab/Muslim countries?

    If you compare and contrast how the Israeli Jews treat the “Palestinians”, not forcing them to believe their faith/religion, to that of how the main goal around the world of Islam is to inflict Shariah Law on EVERYONE … or die, you’d have to be a single-celled amoeba socialist-slut not to see who/what is the threat to civilization as we know it.

    Some people seriously need smacked.

    Others just seriously need completely ignored … and robbed blind by their accountant.

  4. Rosie needs a taste of her own medicine so she would not talk so much crap.

    Fat, stupid, ugly, twisted BITCH!

    How she would feel if her assets would be confiscated by the government like it happened to so many Cubans fifty years ago.

  5. Maybe whoever drew the faces on the banner was sending a subliminal message, because they both look vaguely retarded (and at least Maradona would fit that bill). Anyway, what else would one expect? I mean, the president of the damn country, awash in black eyeliner and expensive clothes that do NOT help her, the sorry bitch, recently officially inducted “Che” into the national Hall of Fame, or some such travesty. Just repeat after me: “It’s not the real world; it’s only Latrine America.”

    George, she’s not really to blame. Her schtick, shrill and over-the-top though it is, has gotten enough attention and material success that she now feels the same absurd entitlement assumed by much of the entertainment world. Yes, she’s deluded and ludicrously presumptuous, like Oliver Stone and Sean Penn, but who put her where she is? Who keeps her “newsworthy”? Who still gives her the time of day? Listen, if enough people are willing to support shit, that shit is gonna keep on stinking, which happens to be its nature. The solution, obviously, is to flush it down the toilet.

  6. What a great idea, if we confiscate the assets of elders under guardianship hearings held non parte, and if we can take over General Motors we can certainly take over BP
    and make it American Petroleum, think if the jobs, the possibilities are endless….

  7. The only reason Ol’Rosie is complaining is because she owns Teatable Key in the Florida Keys! Probably looking for a payoff from BP.

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