Cuban dictatorship releases Ariel Sigler Amaya

The Cuban dictatorship released a prisoner of conscience today, but not before they robbed him of his health and turned him into a paraplegic. Ariel Sigler Amaya was one of the 75 brave dissidents arrested during the Primavera Negra and while in prison, he was subjected to the brutality for which the regime is all too famous. In seven years they took a healthy man and withered him down to skin and bones.

The photo below, courtesy of Penultimos Dias, shows the brutal transformation Sigler Amaya went through.


Marc over at Uncommon Sense has more photos of the Castro regime’s latest contribution to the long list of atrocities it has committed.

Look at what 7 years in jail did to Ariel Sigler Amaya

Cuban political prisoner Ariel Sigler Amaya was released from prison Saturday, after more than seven years in the Castro gulag.

The pictures Saturday, via Associated Press and Reuters, tell the story of what it cost him


For more photos, go here

19 thoughts on “Cuban dictatorship releases Ariel Sigler Amaya”

  1. Oliver Stone, Michael Moore, Sean Penn, and The Congressional Black Caucus say, **chirp-chirp-chirp**

  2. Darned it! This just breaks my haert.
    Today I am just not emotionally ready to deal with this communist CRAP!
    They will pay for it.
    Some day, hopefully before I die, they will HAVE to pay for it.
    Dammned it!

  3. I cannot begin to describe how these photos have affected me this weekend. I have not stopped thinking about them. They have steeled my resolve to speak out and fight anyone who even innocently defends this regime of butchers.

  4. George-

    Something to have in your wallet to shove under the next asshole’s nose who’s sporting a Che T-shirt.

  5. George,

    I fully understand your pain and frustration as the cruelty of the Castro brothers show no limits and the best it can be done from here is to expose the truth to the world.

    Unfortunately when you have the MSM, the Hollywood idiots and many members of Congress and the current administration (including POTUS) in cohort with the Castro tyranny plus the people in the island are living in total indifference and in fear of revolt it becomes an extremely uphill battle for all of us.

    My friend I don’t really know at this point (and I sincerely wished I did) what is going to take for the people in the island to finally stand-up to the tyranny once and for all. Maybe the soul of the majority of the Cuban people is so destroyed by fifty-one years of tyranny that is beyond help.

    But as long as there are martyrs like Zapata Tamayo, and people like Farinas, Biscet, Antunez, Darsi Ferrer, Ariel Sigler Amaya and others that have stood and continue to stand-up against the Castro tyranny, there is still a glimmer of hope.

  6. Rosie O’fatass (after looking at photo): “Oh, I wonder if he was on that new grapefruit diet … great results?”

  7. This is why the Cuban population doesn’t do anything, and will not do anything, because the open actions of a scattered few against such Stalinist regime are simply POINTLESS, USELESS, and SELF-DESTRUCTIVE more so when the free world itself finances Castro and is perpetually on its knees to kiss his ass. I must ask, do these poor people subjugate themselves to this as a cry to the free world? So the world sees the nature of Castro’s regime when challenged with the most basic of freedoms? Do they think that the free world does not already know after 51 years of the same slavish atrocity? Rest assure, they know and they simply don’t give a crap; and for such, we should not give a crap about the free world’s “opinions” or “morals” anymore than Honduras, Israel, or Pablo Escobar for that matter. We need to do as the founding fathers of this nation did over 250 years ago, start operating underground and financing an underground, one meant to disrupt their income, otherwise forget it.

    I also ask, did anyone see this man in the international news this week? Of course not, they are rather still talking about Mandela, another Castro ass kissing maricon. In all honesty, I am already tired of reading, writing, and seeing shows. For what? Hell, we are the most affluent and educated Latin group in this nation and that’s all we can do? Gather info to put it on a show and sites? For what? Not only has it already been 51 years of this pest over Cuba, its been 20 after the fall of the USSR. Are we truly believing that such cancer will fall because of the U.N. or the USA (the very country that has protected those scum-bags all these years) are going to make it fall with their stupid handouts and shameless solidarity speeches?

    Gentlemen, for Cuba’s Stalinist regime to fall by the hands of the masses they need a leader and leaders can’t emerge within communist regimes. Rest assure, Luther Kings, Biscets, and Gandhis don’t work under Hitler, Stalin, Castro or any lawless totalitarian state with no respect nor tolerance for civil society. What Castro’s Cuba needs is sabotage and sabotage straight to its pockets and ego, simple as that. Only when those inside Cuba see that they have a real chance, only then, otherwise we are just wasting our time and their time. I am a young Cuban but one thing I do know, the exile community (specially those with the resources) must change its game because the real question is not when will it stop, but who will stop them.

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