Let’s talk about it — it will make you feel better

Next Friday, officials from the US government will sit with officials from Cuba’s dictatorial and murderous regime to talk about immigration. This meeting will take place in Washington D.C and tops on the agenda will be a discussion regarding the 16-year-old immigration agreement between the US and Cuba’s dictatorship that provides 20,000 American visas annually for Cubans who want to leave their island prison.

But, as has been the case in the past, the conversation is certain to cover various other topics, such as the detention of American aid worker, Alan Gross, and the continued repression and imprisonment of dissidents on the island.

U.S., Cuba to hold migration talks next week

HAVANA (AP) — The United States and Cuba have agreed to hold immigration talks in Washington within days, a U.S. official said Saturday, the first since a similar meeting in Havana in February.

The talks scheduled for Friday are intended to monitor adherence to a 16-year-old agreement under which the United States issues 20,000 visas to Cubans a year, though in the past the sides have used the meeting to delve into more contentious issues.

In the last round of talks, U.S. diplomats pressed Cuba to release Alan Gross, a jailed American contractor that Cuba has accused of spying. Gross has been jailed for more than 6 months without charge.

Although there is little hope for an improvement in relations between the US and Cuba’s despotic rulers, as US officials have stated, and the regime has exhibited zero interest in any democratic reforms or concessions, it seems that all this talk makes everyone feel better.

So let’s keep talking and meeting with representatives of a vile and despotic government that has murdered tens of thousands of innocent Cubans and enslaved the entire population of the island. Heck, even if we know that nothing good or productive is going to come of it, who cares–at least we all feel better.

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  1. Any takers on a bet?
    I bet Obambi trades 5 spies for 1 US Citizen.
    I have been predicting this all along.

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