Say no to the “voice of the revolution”

We can’t stop Silvio “el embajador de muerte” Rodriguez from performing next week in Los Angeles, but we can sure as hell protest the appearance of the man known as “the voice of castro’s revolution,”  and the poisonous communist ideology he stands for.   We can protest the appearance of the man who signed a letter supporting the summary execution of three young Afro-Cubans for their attempt to hijack a ferry as a way out of the island gulag.  We can protest the man campaigning for the release of 5 Cuban spies serving sentences in the U.S.  They are not “political prisoners,” but criminals who recieved a fair trial, and fair appeals, unlike  an American being held in a Cuban prison without charges.

Photo from Cuba Encuentro.


Bring flags, bring banners, bring signs, or just show up to support a free Cuba.  All LA freedom lovers are welcome.  A special shout out to our Venezuelan friends in LA!

     When:  Thursday, June 17, 6:00 PM.

     Where:  The corner of Lankershim Blvd. & Universal Hollywood Dr., North Hollywood, CA

For more information, contact:  Ziva Sahl –, or Fernando Marquet –

3 thoughts on “Say no to the “voice of the revolution””

  1. Ziva-Thanks for all you do and wishing you and and all the other Patriots a successful protest. And thanks for the Cuba Encuentro link.

  2. I hope the large Iranian-American community in Los Angeles will show support for this protest with their Cuban-American friends since they support the same stuggle for human rights.

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