8 thoughts on “Flag Day”

  1. American is in big, big trouble these days as the jury is still out whether the current trend will lead to its downfall…

    The people better wise-up and disfranchise themselves from the “Messiah”, the Democrats and the liberals and restore true American values to this once great country or it’ll be game over in a generation or two.

    Sorry for being so negative, but I don’t like the way America and its people are going these days.

  2. Mr. Mojito,

    If it was up to me I would have turned these terrorist countries into a radioactive parking lot…

  3. I feel pity for the world. Obama has publicly issued the advancement of the “New International Order” aka New World Order, using The world bank and IMF to fund it.

    There goes our sovereignty. Slavery for everyone!

  4. Wait until November Felix, that’s our last chance to put Obama into a straight jacket of checks and balances.

  5. Obama’s just a puppet with a voice, all presidents are. The one’s behind and around him are the real threats. Of course Obama just does and says what he’s told. What happens if he doesn’t? The Government types Ctrl+Alt+Del a la JFK.

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