Celebrating Courage


The courage of a man is not measured by what he says, but by what he does. And Ariel Sigler Amaya, the wheelchair bound victim of Castro’s repressive machinery, is a courageous man.

He not only speaks courageously, he acts courageously. While hundreds of men in Cuba who are healthy and enjoy the full use of their limbs stood by and did nothing as the Ladies in White were beaten by Castro thugs, Ariel Sigler Amaya, in his wheelchair and only a week since being released from prison, marched by their side.

Although physically there is little or nothing he can do to protect them from the fists and clubs of those who attack them, he is more of a man, more of a human, than those men who stood by with their hands in their pockets as defenseless women were mercilessly beaten down for walking in silence.

One can lament the hundreds, or thousands, or millions of cowards in Cuba who have allowed not only women to be beaten, but for an entire nation — men, women, and children — to be beaten into submission.

I, however, prefer to celebrate the courage of Cuban men like Ariel Sigler Amaya.

He is not the only courageous person in Cuba, and it is men and women like him, Cubans who have the courage to stand up for justice and what is right, who will finally bring the Castro tyranny in Cuba to its end.

Freedom comes from the courageous acts of brave individuals, not American tourists, not micro-loans, not “cultural exchanges.”

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  1. … all the while, the Papal representative ‘dialogues’ (“collaborates” more like it) with the Cuban ‘Hostage-taker-In-Chief’, Raulita, so as to ensure that their dual ‘subjects’ are maintained under the control of the Hostage-Taker-In-Chief, and are continuously fed a constant dosage of “peace” and “non-violence”.

  2. The very fact that this ‘ambassador from God’ allows himself to be photographed within the immediate backdrop of the “Butcher from La Cabana” is nauseating and repugnant. The hierarchy of the Catholic church has lost alot of my respect.

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