Saladrigas’ Miami Herald article hailed by Cuban DGI (in the Huffington Post)

Muchisimas Gracias, Arianna!
Muchisimas Gracias, Arianna!

“The extreme right wing of the Cuban-American exile community in Miami has other things on their agenda. After the initial letter left Cuba and was posted on the Internet, all hell broke loose in Miami,”

writes the daughter of Castro’s former Foreign Minister (and current President of Castro’s “Parliament”) Ricardo “El Cabezon” Alarcon in the Huffington Post.

“Cuban dissidents were suddenly seeming rational and dangerously independent both from the Cuban Government and the Cuban-American extreme right wing factions of yore. Another letter– not to the members of Congress, but rather in response to the one posted on the Internet– was also published. It was signed by over 200 lesser known supposed dissidents— most of whom are no longer living on the island…Yesterday, in response to this initiative, a The Miami Herald published an article by Carlos Saladrigas in which the author and co chairman of the Cuba Study Group , states that the true legacy of the intent of the letter to Congress is to distance themselves from what would normally be construed as members of Cuba’s civil society as puppets of their puppeteers in Miami. “

Entire Cuban DGI screed here, disguised as an “op-ed” in the Huffington Post. Note how the longest suffering political prisoners in modern history are insulted by DGI agent Alarcon (via the Huff.Post and in conjunction with hailing Salagrigas’ letter) as “lesser known supposed dissidents.”

A.) This Huffington Post contributor, Margarita Alarcon, is not only the daughter of a high Castro official, but an operative for Castro’s Casa de las AmericasOuted by defectors as a branch of Cuba’s DGI.

B.) Isn’t it interesting that an operative for a Stalinist regime classified by the U.S. as “a State Sponsor of Terrorism” writes for the U.S. website The Huffington Post?…And isn’t it interesting that this same site also publishes Yoani Sanchez? …just ASKING, HERE!….just asking!

10 thoughts on “Saladrigas’ Miami Herald article hailed by Cuban DGI (in the Huffington Post)”

  1. It is simply amazing how these people cannot, for the life of them, keep their mouths shut. With the way that original letter was almost immediately exposed as a contrived orchestration by self-interested parties here in the states, you would think these people would lay low and stay off the radar screen for a while. Alas, Chepe, Saladrigas, and now add Alarcon’s daughter to the list, simply cannot help themselves; they have to open their mouths.

    Thank God for that uncontrollable urge of theirs to hablar mierda. You will know them by the stream of crap that emanates ceaselessly from their mouths.

  2. The issue has less to do with the political leanings of the Huffington Post and more to do with the Castro regime’s successful propaganda campaign to get itself seen as a legitimate government.

    That isn’t to say that the people at the Huffington Post don’t lean further to the left than most, but no matter where you stand on the spectrum, if you genuinely see your outlet as a forum, you’ll offer the space to anyone with something to say that you see as valuable and honest.

    Unfortunately, when people in the media buy the idea that the Castro regime is legitimate (whether its despicable or not), the “opinions” of its propagandists get put into the same category of merit as those of free-thinking Cubans like Yoani.

  3. I can’t say this enough … Yoani volunteered to RETURN to Cuba to live there. You don’t “return” without Fidel’s approval.

  4. Mr. Mojito,

    You have very strong points and share your suspicions, that’s why I don’t trust Yoani…

  5. George is spot on-I like to peruse Huffington Post and Daily Kos intermittently just to see what the extreme Progressives are thinking.
    I often wondered why Yoani was on the HufPost-why would they want a bonafide Cuban dissenters. I rarely read her articles-I thought she was legit. But if she really did volunteer to return to Cuba (wtf??) her bonafides are certainly suspect.

  6. Ah, the “compassionate” and ever-so-concerned left, I mean “liberals,” always striving to make sure there’s, you know, “balance” (like CNBC and that obscenely twisted Peter Pan “documentary”). Well, at least they’re consistent. And yes, there’s definitely legitimate reason for concern over the HuffPo’s “adoption” of Yoani (or any Cuban figure, for that matter).

    Still, one would think even HuffPo would stop short of something as blatant as taking the daughter of a top Castro minion at anything close to face value. I suppose the daughter of Castro II, Princess Mariela (aka Saint Mariela of the Drag Queens) was not available, so the spawn of Alarcon had to do. Talk about discreditable, not to say swinish, tactics.

    I know it’s obvious, but can anybody even imagine HuffPo or a similar outfit EVER using and treating a close connection of Botha or Pinochet (or Batista!) like they’ve done with this Alarcon woman? Unfortunately, this is not at all unreal; it’s just business as usual. That’ll show “those people” in South Florida. Anyone willing to bash them, step right up and spew–the MSM will ALWAYS be more than happy to provide a suitable soap box.

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