Integrity incompatible with Crist campaign

If you have any semblance of integrity, it is difficult to work for the Crist campaign, as Chris Miles has found out. After only a few weeks of working for the governor’s campaign in South Florida, Miles found he could not sacrifice his integrity for the suntanned prince of Tallahassee.

Crist staffer quits after Cuba fundraiser

Gov. Charlie Crist’s special assistant in South Florida has resigned over the governor’s attendance at a fundraiser for his U.S. Senate campaign attended by business leaders who back lifting sanctions on Cuba. The fundraiser — story here — was co-hosted by Alfredo Duran, a lawyer and prominent supporter of opening dialogue with the communist regime.

Chris Miles, 20, joined the governor’s office shortly before Crist left the Republican party to run as an independent in late April. He previously worked for Sen. George LeMieux and for U.S. Rep. Lincoln-Diaz Balart’s re-election campaign.

“I appreciate the opportunity that I have had to represent the governor in South Florida,” Miles said in a statement. “However his decision to accept campaign contributions from business associates of the Castro regime has prompted my resignation. There are few issues I consider sacred, and that is certainly one of them.”

Crist’s spokesman, Sterling Ivey, confirmed that Miles had left the governor’s office but didn’t give a reason

-Beth Reinhard

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3 thoughts on “Integrity incompatible with Crist campaign”

  1. Charlie Crist, the poster boy for the politics of flip-flopping, dishonesty and lack of integrity.

    I’m about to puke…

    What is consistent about Charlie Crist’s is his inconsistency.

  2. Mr. Mojito,

    I think is because Floridians brains seem so be on the part of the body where the sun doesn’t shine.

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