Expropriations: Where have we heard that word before?

Venezuela’s simian prince, Hugo Chavez, is at it again. This time, he is expropriating oil rigs owned by the U.S. company Helmerich and Payne.

The reason he is taking them by force? Well, Helmerich and Payne has idled the 11 rigs pending a 49-million dollar invoice that PDVSA has refused to pay the company. This stop in production is exacerbating the already decreasing oil production that has plagued the corrupt Venezuelan government. Since Chavez has no intention on paying the money he owes Helmerich and Payne in order to get them to start producing again, he will just take the oil rigs.

If this all sounds familiar to some of you, it is because Chavez is taking a page right out of the Castro handbook. It is a tactic contained within the chapter entitled “Rape & Plunder.”

This is something we will continue to see in Venezuela as long as Chavez remains in power. While there are resources to plunder, be they oil or human, he will, just like his mentor, continue to plunder them.

7 thoughts on “Expropriations: Where have we heard that word before?”

  1. That’s right George,

    As far as these Cuba/Venezuela “experts” are concerned we don’t know what we’re talking about but, time and time again we’re proven right.

    It is so frustrating…

  2. One Lazer Guided Missile from 30,000 Feet right by his bedroom window will take care of Huguito.

  3. Just like his adopted father Fidel Castro there isn’t a single private property that Hugo Chavez doesn’t like to steal from its rightful owner.

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