A simple fix to the problem

Reuters reporter Mark Frank is reporting that Cuba has had a dramatic drop in maritime shipping. The Cuban economy is floundering because of hurricanes, the downturn in the world economy, and “chronic inefficiencies” reports the brilliant journalist with a keen eye for the hidden clues behind Cuba’s inexplicable miserable economic performance for the past 51 years.

Frank’s incredible research and attention to detail has also uncovered another problem:

Foreign businessman in Cuba say the country appears to be reducing imports even more this year. The cutbacks have led to spot shortages of goods and some foods.

Shortages of goods and foods in Cuba? What a surprising development.

Nevertheless, there is an easy and simple way to fix this problem. All we need to do is send some American tourists over there with fanny packs filled with rice, beans, and some yuca so that Cubans can buy the food from them. Where will they get the cash? That’s easy: they can use the proceeds from the 105% APR micro-loans a gracious and benevolent Cuban here in Miami is ready, willing, and all set up to give them.