“Cuba Experts”

I just simply love the term “Cuba Expert.” It is a term so charitable and inclusive that it can be bestowed upon just about anyone. It is not difficult to earn the title of “Cuba Expert”: all you need to do is spout a few pro-Castro propaganda points and most importantly, NOT be an actual Cuban.

The Center for Democracy in the Americas, who just put out a press release with quotes from their “Cuba Experts,” is blessed with a bevy of these experts of all things Cuba. Each and every one of them is the model “Cuba Expert,” faithful to the list of talking points put out by the Castro regime, and not one of them is actually a Cuban.

It is comforting to know that Cubans have all these experts that are not Cuban to guide them on what is best for Cubans. Without them Cubans would only have actual Cubans to listen to, and you can’t have that now, can you?

2 thoughts on ““Cuba Experts””

  1. Cubans can’t actually be trusted to manage their own affairs by themselves. That’s for first-world people. The precedent goes back to the very beginning of the independent Cuban republic, when, after the war ended, everything was decided and set up at the Treaty of Paris between the US and Spain. Cubans? Please. What the hell would they know?

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