Southern cookin’

One of the great perks of this very high-paying blogging job are the friends you meet along the way. One of these is a long-time constant reader and commenter, Scott Gillies. Scott came all the way from the state named after me to visit us at Cuba Nostalgia this year.

Our talks consisted of Democrat-bashing, commie-bashing, more Democrat-bashing and, of course, food. I told him how much I loved good Southern grits and he graciously promised to send me some stone ground grits from a mill in Georgia where he buys his grits. I received them this week and I’ve been trying to make the time to make them — even though I’m not a big breakfast guy on weekdays. Bacon, fried eggs, bacon, coffee, bacon, toast, and more coffee are my favorites on the weekend. (Someone report me to HHS and Mayor Bloomberg!)

So today, armed with a saucepan, fresh filtered water, real Breakstone butter, salt, and the grits from Logan Turnpike Mill, I finally made the attempt. They have an excellent flavor, but the recipe makes for rather soupy grits, and I like them a little firmer. The Wife of Pitbull liked them as well. Next time along with two over medium fried eggs and lots of bacon or pork sausage, they’ll be perfect — guaranteed.

Scott, you’re a true Southern gentleman. Thank you I’m much obliged for your gracious gift.

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