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21st Century Socialism is nothing if not ridiculous. From the touting of historically repressive and failed policies as “new and improved” to the clownish antics of its proponents in South America, “21st Century Socialism” is nothing more than charlatans selling crap repackaged in a shiny new container designed to look attractive so the buyer does not realize they are buying a pile of old crap.

There are no limits to the depth these shysters will descend to in order to sell their mountain of dung, and if their depravity were not so sad and dangerous, it would indeed be hilarious, as exemplified by the newest repackaging of crap going on in Bolivia.


Bolivian beauty queen becomes Morales’ right hand woman

Political inexperience is no bar to success, says Jessica Anne Jordan Burton, a former Miss Bolivia who is now her president’s special envoy

Rare is the international beauty contestant who does not speak of an enthusiasm for seeing the world and doing good works. Jessica Anne Jordan Burton, however, has taken it a step further: the British-born beauty queen has swapped her crown as Miss Bolivia for a new and somewhat more dangerous job pitted against drug traffickers and paramilitaries.


As the new development chief for the border province of Beni, a restive jungle backwater plagued with right-wing separatists, ethnic Indian militants, and Colombian narco-traffickers, she will be tasked with lavishing cash on the region in a bid to boost her boss’s popularity. It is, however, a job, that may attract attention for a rather different reason: as Mr Morale’s special envoy, she admits she will be at risk of assassination from his political enemies.

“I don’t fear for my safety although my family is afraid of what might happen” said Miss Jordan, who represented Bolivia in the 2006 Miss Universe contest, and who will now be managing a budget of $700 million to build highways, schools, hospitals and sanitation. “I feel that the people want to work with me that they have confidence in me. I feel like I´m in my place. It´s my destiny”.

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