A Doctor’s take on Health Care

Mariela Resendes, M.D. is a doctor practicing in California. It should also be noted that she is a Cuban and we are very proud to say a part of the Babalú family of readers.

Dr. Resendes has written a very good article for Real Clear Markets on “Obamacare,” and the negative effects it will have on all Americans that everyone should read.

A Doctor’s Take On Health Care

By Mariela Resendes, M.D.

As a practicing doctor in California it troubles me that those with the ability to influence health care legislation have either been politically motivated to remain silent, or strikingly inarticulate when it comes to voicing the major issues patients and taxpayers will face with the new health care bill. My own, long-held view has been that any reform should be of the free market variety.

In that sense, I’m increasingly scared as I learn more about what’s inside the health legislation passed by Congress not long ago. Despite the rising level of unhappiness with what has transpired, it dismays me that the general public, like me, is not fully aware of the financial tsunami that is on the way for patients, insurers and hospitals thanks to this legislation, not to mention the irregular way in which it was passed.