Castro regime scribe (Vicky Pelaez) among the 11 charged in Russia spy case

Federal prosecutors alleged 11 people were spies living secret lives in American communities, from Seattle to Washington D.C., sent years ago to infiltrate U.S. society and glean its secrets….Among those arrested was Vicky Pelaez, a writer for the Spanish-language newspaper El Diario in New York. According to a professional biography for Ms. Pelaez, she is Peruvian-born. How she allegedly came to be involved with an alleged Russian spy ring was unclear.

The FBI affidavit said she traveled to an unnamed South American country to pick up cash for fellow agents in Yonkers sent by SVR handlers and to pass on messages. In one 2002 trip, Ms. Pelaez brought back $80,000 stuffed into her luggage—eight bags each containing $10,000,, according to the FBI. An attorney for Ms. Pelaez couldn’t be reached.

Besides the Cuban exile and embargo-bashing New York paper El Diario, look who else carried Pelaez’ byline:

As shown here yesterday by a hardlining hysteric McCarthyite Vicky Pelaez shares this Castro-regime house organ with Huffington Post writer, Margarita Alarcon.

I love the smell of guilt-by-association in the morning!

“Fidel Castro is already immortal!” wrote Vicky Pelaez back in 2006 upon the first reports of her hero’s illness. “He is a man who inspired and demonstrated the fertile path of truth for other leaders! And thus it shall always be because in this consists the very dialectic of life!”

“All humans are products of their place and time and we simply represent a few moments which disappear as life continues its unalterable course. We had the moments of Christ, Mohammed, Confucious, Plato, Aristotle, Descartes, Newton, pascal, Bolivar, Marti, Che Guevara, etc. They all left the scene, yet unlike us mere mortals, they remain immortal. To quote Francisco Rebolledo, they were rebels like the very angels of God who did not resign themselves to a sad destiny of mere mortals but instead valiantly challenged the very heavens to steal its glory!

Fidel Castro Ruz belongs to that glorious group of rebels!

Like them and with his intelligence, discipline, drive, vehemence and persistence he launched his heroic struggle and gained his people’s support to fight for new and sovereign Cuba! But his fight is not over…”

(Granted in her reveries above, Pelaez barely touches Oliver Stone, Dan Rather, Charles Rangel, Dianne Sawyer, etc. etc. etc.)

Last night on Oscar Haza’s A Mano Limpia a former colleague of Pelaez at El Diario, Miguel Ángel Sánchez, recalled her suspension by the paper for plagiarism and how her husband Juan Lazaro (arrested with her) served as the official New York treasurer for the Peruvian terrorist group Sendero Luminoso.

And Oh…Vicky Pelaez specialized in agitating for the U.S. extradition of “terrorist” Luis Posada Carriles. and Oh, again!….guess who the Castro regime organ who ran Pelaez’ articles is fond of featuring and quoting?

Why it’s Julia Sweig.

No surprise to Lieut Col. Christopher Simmons, I’d bet.

Fear not! Castro’s house organ leaps to Vicky Pelaez defense post-haste!

Update (Val): Can’t think of a more appropriate time to post a quick reminder of the Goals of Communism, as read into the Congressional Record on January 10, 1963.

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