Castro’s Bailout

In the end, H.R. 4645: Travel Restriction Reform and Export Enhancement Act, is nothing more than a bailout for the Castro regime. Rep. Tom Rooney, member of the House Agriculture Committee, is well aware of this and will not be voting for this bailout of a ruthless dictatorship.

As the House Agriculture Committee prepares to vote Wednesday on a bill that would lift the travel ban on Cuba bolster the Castro regime with American tourism dollars, I remember the words of Alexander Solzhenitsyn, who wrote about the horrors of living in a Soviet gulag. Solzhenitsyn noted, “We are slaves there from birth, but we are striving for freedom. You, however, were born free. If so, then why do you help our slave owners?”


We have a choice. We can keep the pressure on the Castro regime and help bring about a post-Castro government that could start anew with us by leaving communism behind. Or we can remove travel restrictions and not only give the Communist party the means to persist, but legitimize their treatment of the Cuban people over the past 60 years.

For nearly a half century the United States stood alone to stare down the Evil Empire and its spread of communism. We did this not just because communism posed serious threats to our security, as in the case of the Soviet Union, or minimal threats, as in the case of modern day Cuba, but because it is in fact evil. Communism flies squarely in the face of the very liberty and natural rights on which we base our entire existence.

Either those who are promoting this bill are completely blind to the Cuban reality, o son una pila de descarados!

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  1. I’m certainly not defending the shamelessly opportunistic foreign vultures circling over Cuba, but let’s be honest here: can we seriously expect non-Cubans to worry about materially propping up Castro, Inc. when so many Cubans outside the island are doing the same thing in various ways? Yes, Chavez is helping significantly, but he’s not the only teat that the regime is furiously sucking and milking.

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