Fidel Castro devotes half a recent “reflection” to quoting Vicky Pelaez?!

It’s not often that Fidel Castro shares the stage in his writings. If during one of his weekly “Reflections”, (screeds) he briefly steps aside to highlight a quote from a well-wisher, ally or agent, that brief quote had better echo his propaganda ministry’s line 100 per cent.

Well, among those to whom Castro has recently bestowed this honor is Vicky Pelaez, known primarily to “Hispanics” in the New York area for her columns (ongoing for almost 20 years) in El Diario, the largest circulation Spanish language paper in the U.S.

“Her’s (Vicky Pelaez’) is such a well-argued document,” Castro reflected in his screed of May 6 referring to an article by one of his propaganda ministry’s writers, “that I do not wish to conclude this Reflection without including it: “The huge marches of this May Day condemning the pernicious anti-immigration law passed in Arizona, have shaken all of the United States…(this law) resembles laws passed in Nazi Germany or South Africa in the apartheid period.”..and on..and on

Arizona’s 1070 sure seems to upset Castro (and Vicky.) Probable reasons explained in this Mc Carthyite, xenophobic intransigence.

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