UPDATED: Remember Me, Vicky?


UPDATE – 7/1/2010, 9:36 a.m. (EST): Thanks to a reader, I’m able to supply folks with the link to the original CubaWatch post outing Vicky Pelaez. I’ll also be pulling out my archive CD of old CubaWatch posts in order to supply readers with the original text, as CubaWatch no longer exists. Without further ado, here it is:

Note: link no longer active


A few years back, when I began to assemble the CubaWatch (Outing Fidelistas Across the Globe) website, it was with the intent of calling spades . . . well, “spades.” Sick and tired of the way so much of the media danced around the precious reputations of some of the dictatorship’s most ardent supporters–ahem, Nelson “sellout” Mandela–I decided to dig up whatever dirt I could find, whatever embarrassing morsel at my disposal, and use it to disgrace those who would sell the good people of Cuba up the river.

I had already been a longtime reader of El Diaro/La Prensa by the time CubaWatch landed on the internet. And during the course of those years, the name “Vicy Pelaez” was always good for a rise in my blood pressure. The fact that she, and by extension El Diario, could dub herself a “journalist” while consistently extolling the virtues of one of the last remaining Stalinist dictatorships in the world, was mind boggling to say the least. Pelaez’s support of the Castro regime wasn’t vague or misguided, rather, it was sheer, unbridled hatred for all to see.

And so, my curiosity was piqued and I began to do a little digging. Lexus-Nexus, Google, a few searches through library records, and I came up with an abundance of links between Pelaez, the DGI (Cuban Intelligence), and a pot-luck stew of Cuban propaganda offices and associations. Armed with all the connections–which were out there for anyone to see–I cast the CubaWatch net over Vicky, “outing” her a couple of years ago. I made it quite clear in the post that I was forwarding all the information I had gathered to the FBI, which I did. Funny how things turned out, isn’t it?

Pelaez wasn’t busted for her connections with Cuban intelligence, but her Red Square connections aren’t too far off the mark, and I guarantee you we’ll hear about ties with Havana in the coming months as all of this unfolds. CubaWatch might be gone, but she sure as hell still is casting a shadow.

I haven’t written these words in a long time. Truth-be-told, I miss them. Please humor me, if only for a moment:

“Vicky Pelaez: you are so BUSTED!”

Y Punto!

8 thoughts on “UPDATED: Remember Me, Vicky?”

  1. HOW SWEET IT IS!! I am overjoyed at hearing that Finally that commie pig Vicky Pelaez has gotten what she well deserves. For years she has been singing the praises of the asquerozo tyrant Fidel Castro. Now she will rot in jail. Oh…HOW SWEET IT IS.

  2. It’s amazing how many spies for Cuba have been exposed in the last couple of years! Besides this Vicky Pelaez, off the top of my head:

    -Ex-US State Official Walter Kendall Myers and his wife Gwendolyn Myers
    – FIU Prof. Carlos Alvarez and his wife, College Adminstrator, Elsa Alvarez
    -According to Lt. Col. Chris Simmons, an Army Reserve counterintelligence officer and former Defense Intelligence Agency counterintelligence analyst, Marifeli Perez-Stable
    -The Cuban Five (Gerardo Hernández, Antonio Guerrero, Ramón Labañino, Fernando González, and René González)
    -Former senior analyst at the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) in the United States, Ana Montes
    -Juan Pablo Roque

    Etc, etc…

    Of course, there are so many others [i.e. “Cuba experts”] that one wonders why they still have not been busted.

    No wonder, there is such a skewered [favorable] perception of Cuba and conversely unfavorable perception of el Exilio in the USA!

  3. What’s ironic Rayarena, is that once again Fidel shows how he is terrible at saving money. He can get this kind of fawning propaganda for free from nearly every east coast liberal in the NY press … yet he pays for it. 🙂

  4. Nice job Anastasio. I had never heard of the commie bastard until yesterday, but I am so glad she is BUSTED! btw, I briefly saw a bit on one of the Spanish language networks stating the cb had participated in a Mesa Redonda in Havana!!?? Any info on this?

  5. Omar: I can’t say that I’ve ever run across anything pointing to her having been a guest on Mesa Redonda. A great deal of what I found were articles written for media outlets with connections to PCC organs in Cuba.

    The virulence that was always notable in her Op-Eds on the back page of El Diario was pretty ripe. This was a rabid esStalinista. Nearly every one of her op-eds contained slams against any Cuban opposed to the dictatorship – “they’re all errand boys for imperialism,” etc, etc. Really nasty stuff.

    Apparently she couldn’t even get the “secret agent” position right. The techniques she was employing were old hack – 1950’s style. “Invisible ink?” Come on . . . . .!!!!

  6. Vichy Pelaez, enjoy your stay in club fed, no one makes any more money than the next, there are no free elections and no freedom of expression on anything of consequence. It’s everything you always wanted for the rest of us. The antidote to civilization.

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