The spy who loved me leftist tyrants

One of the ten Russian spies arrested by the FBI recently is Vicky Pelaez, a Peruvian-born reporter for El Diaro newspaper. Ms. Peleaz’s ties to leftist individuals and movements, as Humberto pointed out earlier today, tells a story that is all too familiar; a leftist railing away at America and its democratic system of government by taking advantage of all the freedoms of expression it affords them.

Just so our readers can get a little background, Hot Air’s Patrick Ishmael has a nice roundup of a few of Vicky Peleaz’s “news” stories that in reality are nothing but leftist propaganda.

But hey, good thing America is still free because if they try that crap in one of the countries they so admire, they’d be eating moldy bread and defecating into a hole inside a 6′ x 10′ cell with 5 or 6 other inmates quicker than you can say “power to the people!”