KGB Connections Documentary and the Cuban Connection


This is another example of how the Castro regime has been involved with the KGB,  since 1959. Fidel Castro’s master plan is, has been and will always be, to annihilate America. I found a video and TV documentary which was released in 1982 and named KGB Connections: An Investigation Into Soviet Operations in North America. There is a section in this video (at the 47:13 mark) dedicated on the Cuban Connection and how through the Canadian, Washington and New York embassies, the Castro regime recruited and spied on America. I love the term “Communism with a Mambo Beat” used in one of the interviews, so accurate! The DGI, the Weathermen, Bombing plots and more sabotage. Also there is footage on the involvement of the Castro regime and the KGB in Latin America. I have placed the video in two places. I have it here by itself. And I have added it to this article on Yuri Bezmenov which you will find very interesting. Bezmenov’s videos are there also. We have here an example of how important history is and why Communist leaders around the world are constantly trying to erase it from the youth. This is the very same Castro regime that the Obama administration is cooperating with.

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