Rubio’s race against “two Democrats”

Great read in Human Events.

Marco Rubio’s campaign for Florida’s open U.S. Senate seat has seen highs and lows in poll numbers.

An underdog when he declared his candidacy in May 2009, Rubio built a 29-point lead in less than a year over primary opponent and sitting Florida Gov. Charlie Crist before Crist shook up the race by changing his party affiliation. The latest Rasmussen poll shows Rubio tied with now independent Crist and both potential Democrat candidates trailing far behind.

But as Rubio sees it, he’s running against two of the same kind of politician. Crist’s summer makeover has included swings to the left, such as dropping the pro-life language from his website.

“I’m running against two Democrats,” Rubio said. “Only one of them is being up front about it.”