18 thoughts on “Boy, this sure is good news!”

  1. That article is so bizarre it is sickening. Don’t they even have the good sense to include a picture of Elian smiling with the dictator’s bro? How sad they all must be.

  2. The most deloicious irony would be if the kid got on a raft and came over. Seems brainwashing does work, though.

  3. Probably the Castro regime is going to use Elian,one more time.In this case,they will named Elian Gonzalez “ambassador of good will”,and whe the embargo is lifted,Elian will be send here to “mend both sides” and create an atmosphere of “borron y cuenta nueva”.

    Live to tell.


  4. Notice that they uused the help of “religious leaders” and even staged it in a church. This all ties in to the those useful idiot churches in Cuba that are working with the regime. Just a coincidence? I think not.

  5. I don’t read or speak Spanish, but it looks from the picture that Raul is looking at him like he is a turd in the soup. My first quick glance at the picture makes me believe Raul is thinking “why the f*** do I have to stand next to this mere mortal”, and Elain looks like he is thinking “please let me survive this and avoid their prison”. Just my observation.

  6. My latest prediction?
    Elian is being groomed for politics. By the time he is 21 he will be in Cuban leadership.

  7. This picture looks awful. Elian looks sad and Raul looks so menacing.
    It reminds me of that picture with Saddam and that poor kid he was caressing.
    How can anyone look at this picture and feel pleased about Elian’s fate?

  8. I really hope this kid is punking these bastards … but that’s one of those very long stretch kinda hopes.

    I haven’t written a bit of fiction in quite awhile. One’s brewing in my head …

  9. “The younger Gonzalez was celebrated as a hero and his father, a restaurant employee, was elected to parliament”
    Of Course it was a good move for Elian’s father. I wonder though how Elian really feels when he lays his head down at night, knowing his mother gave her life in vain to give him better one. The sacrifices one has to make to survive in Cuba!!

  10. Oscar,

    I think you have a very strong point because every time we see a picture of Elian Gonzalez he does not have a happy face on it.

    I wonder why?

    What feelings is he hiding inside?

    Plus his reported statement towards his family in Miami adds to my suspicions.

    Time will tell what went on in Cuba with him all these years and the amount of brainwashing the regime applied on him since his return to slave island.

    I suspect once the Castro tyranny is over all will come to light.

    Now his father is another story, that SOB deserves to be dragged through the streets of Cardenas and given a good ass beating as punishment.

  11. aar33178,

    It would be poetic justice if Elian would arrive again to our shores in a raft.

    I’m certain the regime spies on him 24/7 and it would be impossible for him to commit that act.

  12. it is for certain that he is being watch 24/7. It would be a complete Embarrassment for the regime if Elian were to suddenly find himself on Calle 8. The only thing a communist cannot tolerate is egg on his face. They rather cut off an arm or in this case sacrifice and innocent kid. His father is also an opportunist and if he ever finds his way here he should be sent back ipso-facto. As for the reported statement of Elian not having any anger, well perhaps he is not the pawn he is made out to be and figures maybe should not burn all the bridges. I think that one of the most redeeming qualities of the Cuban is his tolerance when it comes to family. When we send money back to the family even the teniente comunista uncle benefits and eats that day.

  13. “As for the reported statement of Elian not having any anger, well perhaps he is not the pawn he is made out to be and figures maybe should not burn all the bridges.”

    I suspect the same Oscar.

  14. “It would be poetic justice if Elian would arrive again to our shores in a raft…” only if the Coast Guard picked him up while his feet were still dry. I don’t particularly care to have Elian walking down Calle 8; he’s lived a privileged life, supervised educational dungeon and all. Let a political prisoner take his place.

    Though we can’t really know what is inside his mind, we do know that everything he says and does is closely monitored and choreographed; and if he’s got his father’s amoral genes, he’ll be another disgusting sellout. Hope not, but I’m not holding my breath on that one. Each time I drive down 22nd Ave toward Flagler St., I remember the days. But the reality is that he is indeed a pawn, willing or not. And if he’s angling for a possible move across the Straits with this interview, I am not sympathetic anymore. We already have too many users and abusers.

  15. Gigi,

    Elian was a small kid went sent back to Cuba and subjected to a great deal of brainwashing and political indoctrination (the Castro regime’s specialty). I don’t know what can be going inside his mind at this point in his life, I only can speculate.

    I say again, we’ll learn the truth of what happened to him in Cuba after he returned the day the Castro tyranny is over…

  16. The photo at the linked article speaks volumes. For some reason, that’s typically been the case with photos of Elián. It’s also typical that those who favored or promoted his return to Cuba, despite seeing the obvious consequences that the exile community clearly warned about, aren’t saying a word of regret or remorse. Despite patently false promises to the contrary by Fidel Castro, Elián was most definitely turned into a walking political trophy, along with his rather dubious, shifty-eyed father. He was also turned into a good little robot, like a trained monkey that can be trotted out whenever it suits the regime, to say whatever the regime wants said. There is no question that every move he makes is under surveillance, and that he is kept on a very short leash. The regime simply cannot allow the huge investment it made in him to go sour, and it is totally committed to him being, or behaving as, a model castroite. My profound disgust and contempt goes out to all those who, living in freedom and enjoying it, had a hand in condemning an innocent child to a glorified imprisonment for life and to having his mind warped by relentless indoctrination with a perverse ideology. Maybe some of them were ignorant fools, but others knew the score and just didn’t give a shit. Bastards.

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