The NRA spits on it members

Call the NRA and express your outrage.

Multiple sources tell me the National Rifle Association is planning to endorse liberal Harry Reid against pro-gun champion Sharron Angle.

I am canceling my membership and I urge all of you who are members to do so as well. I do not want once cent of my money going to an organization who, not only endorses someone like Harry Reid, but caves to Democrats on a crucial bill solely for the own self-interest.

Contact Gun Owner’s of America for an alternative source of Second Amendment information. Here’s their take of the NRA’s cave.

10 thoughts on “The NRA spits on it members”

  1. George,
    I just spoke withthe NRA-ILA and they claim its a false rumor. They said that there is no inication that they will endorse Harry Reid. Whether true or not I do not know, but that is the official comment from the NRA.

  2. This is not surprising, though it’s disturbing. What they did on Disclosure was unforgivable. Perhaps they’re at a point in which they need as much of an overhaul as all other RINOS. So sad to see an institution erode from the inside.

  3. Don’t insult Rinos. If these things are true about the NRA, then they are worse that left wing Republicans it seems to me.

  4. After reading a couple of things today, I’m beginning to think that the NRA is horse trading with its enemies: “We will exempt you from the Disclosure Act if we get your Harry vote…..”

  5. Is this a page from Alinsky’s rules?

    Is this what was known back in the day as “disinformation”?

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