Let us give thanks

On the eve of a long holiday weekend where we celebrate and give thanks for the birth of this great nation and the freedoms it has bestowed upon us, let us also give thanks to those people who are working so hard on behalf of our brothers and sisters enslaved in Cuba.

Let us give thanks to the Catholic church in Cuba, and particularly Cardinal Jaime Ortega, for working so hard on behalf of our imprisoned dissidents so they can be tortured and beaten in prisons that are a little closer to home.

Let us give thanks to Carlos Saladrigas, Tomas Bilbao, and their Cuba Study Group for their selfless efforts to give the Cubans on the island an opportunity to be equally exploited by Americans and Cuban Americans, just as they are exploited by the rest of the world.

Let us give thanks to Collin Peterson and the House Agriculture committee for their diligent efforts to help the Cuban people experience a more efficient and modern form of repression by providing billions of dollars in new revenue to their oppressors so they can build more prisons and buy more weapons.

Let us give thanks to Juanes, and Miguel Bose, and all the other artists for their historic concert in Cuba that did absolutely nothing to advance freedom in Cuba, but provided a great public relations boost to the regime and the artists that participated.

Let us give thanks to the Vatican’s Archbishop Mamberti who was gracious and brave enough to put aside his religious convictions, the teachings of Christ, and his calling to preach the Gospel in order not to offend the representatives of a murderous regime.

Let us give thanks to Cuba Experts like Phil Peters and Wayne Smith who know more about Cuba and what the country needs than any Cuban on or off the island could ever hope to know.

Let us give thanks to the Castro brothers who although they have amassed billions of dollars in foreign accounts and own millions of dollars worth of property all throughout the world, they have not left Cuba since they know how important it is for slaves to have a slave master, and exploiters to have a slave master to negotiate with.

This is only a partial list since there are many more individuals to thank, and if anyone left off the list is offended, my apologies.

Nevertheless, let us not forget that without the tireless work and advocacy of these individuals, Cuba would have never known what it is like to live under the yoke of tyranny for the past half a century. And let us also not forget that it will take the continued support and steadfast work by these benevolent individuals for Cuba to be spared the burden of freedom and liberty for another fifty years.

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  1. Alberto, I know that with SO many people to thank, some of them would slip your mind, so here are a few more:

    The government of Spain (and every Spaniard who’s voted for it), for its unceasing efforts to get the European Union to, uh, understand Castro, Inc. and make every possible concession on behalf of the dictatorship’s, uh, right to self-determination. After all, if one can’t actually get a former colony back, one can continue to exploit it as much as possible (and get the neighbors to help out).

    The Congressional Black Caucus, for not allowing themselves to be, uh, biased by black political prisoners rotting in Cuban jails, or by innocent young black men executed for simply trying to escape Cuba, and still managing to speak of Fidel Castro in glowing terms after returning from their Cuba trip. Mandela, of course, was a totally different matter. After all, there’s black, and then there’s black AND politically correct (or congenial, at any rate).

    The Huffington Post, for treating the daughter of a top Castro government official as a credible voice on Cuba. Surely the same will be done with some descendant of Batista, no?

    The Miami Herald, for employing inveterate bashers of the Cuban exile community, which (to its shame) makes up a very significant portion of the Herald’s customer base. Would it ever employ anyone who similarly bashed the black community? Uh, no, but only “correct” minorities need to be respected.

    The Methodist Church, like many other holier-than-thou types, who worked so hard to get Elián González sent back to Cuba, for not regretting their, uh, humanitarian zeal, despite the fact that Elián has been turned into a trophy robot whose life is completely controlled by Castro, Inc., exactly as the Cuban exile community warned would happen.

    All those lovely tourists from Canada (and elsewhere), who steadfastly refuse to let something as trivial as systematic human rights violations deter them from sun and fun in Cuban beach resorts. Fun and frolic in apartheid-era South Africa, of course, was absolutely out of the question.

    Our countless Latin American, uh, brothers and sisters who have never allowed the horrible truth of Cuba’s tragedy to keep them from supporting Castro, Inc., thus expressing their hatred (not to mention envy) of US “imperialism.” Special thanks to the Venezuelans who mocked our urgent warnings, elected Chávez anyway, screwed themselves, and indirectly screwed Cuba even worse than it already was.

    All those in the entertainment industry who, being obviously superior, and knowing better than ordinary people ever could, generously exercise their giant intellect and incredible moral fiber on behalf of dictators or would-be dictators–LEFTIST ones, naturally, like Castro and Chávez. Oh, and of course, thanks to all those who keep Che merchandise profitable. So what if he was really a murderous psychopath? He took a good picture, didn’t he? Image, baby, it’s all about the image.

    Finally, at least for this very incomplete list, thanks to all those of Cuban extraction who have refused to fall into the “intransigent,” “extremist,” “ultra-right-wing,” “hysterical,” or “hardliner” category, and have opted for the far more fashionable, not to mention convenient, “moderate” or “pragmatic” approach. Like they say, membership (in the “correct” group) has its privileges.

  2. I hope a future Cuban government refuses visas to ALL these assholes, including the bishops and cardinals, the journalists and “artists”, the academics, and anyone ever photographed wearing a che t-shirt

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