Guillermo Fariñas close to death — regime launches PR campaign

Looks like the Cuban dictatorship is trying to get a public relations head start on its next murder as Granma announces that Guillermo Fariñas is close to death. Not wanting to get blindsided by the bad publicity they received when Orlando Zapata Tamayo was murdered, the regime’s operatives are working hard to get ahead of the next murder.

Our good friend George over at the RealCuba has the info.

**Breaking news** The Cuban regime says that Guillermo Fariñas is dying

3. July 2010 15:04

The Castro regime warned on Saturday that dissident hunger striker Guillermo Farinas was in danger of dying from a blood clot in his neck and may have reached the limits of medical treatment after more than four months without food.

He has rejected entreaties that he eat to save his life and will not be force fed, because medical ethics forbid it, said his lead doctor, Armando Caballero, in an interview in Granma, the newspaper of Cuba’s ruling Communist Party.

‘Today the patient has a dangerous potential of death, because it depends on the outcome of that clot,’ said Dr. Caballero, who is head of intensive care at the hospital in the central city of Santa Clara, where Mr Farinas is being treated. ‘I hope it disappears,’ he said. The clot is being treated with antibiotics and anti-coagulants.

Dr. Caballero said the 48-year-old psychologist also has another in what has been a series of infections, which may make further intravenous feeding impossible.

‘We are at the limits,’ Dr. Caballero said. ‘We are almost unable to feed him through another catheter because other complications could appear.’ The Granma article appeared aimed at defusing international criticism if Mr Farinas died and perhaps signaling to him and his family that his situation is grave.

Farinas is in the 129th day of a hunger strike demanding the release of ailing political prisoners, but has been fed nutrients and liquids intravenously since entering the hospital on March 11 after collapsing at his home.

4 thoughts on “Guillermo Fariñas close to death — regime launches PR campaign”

  1. A Babalu reader and I knew this was coming, just knew it, we “talked” about it during an email exchange on the Elian article a couple of days ago. I can’t think of a punishment cruel enough for these bastards.

  2. Ziva, for genuine Cuba watchers like us [and we’re the real Cuba experts!], the Castro regime is very predictable. It’s very easy to know what’s coming from reading their press releases [faithfully repeated by our MSM]. The regime is a one-trick pony. Whenever one of their smokescreens go up [i.e. Elian, another U.N. Cuba sponsored condemnation of the so-called embargo, some widely printed report about Cuba’s wonderful healthcare, education, tourism, etc…, his trained seals in the USA [i.e. ENCASA] sign yet another Open Letter, or Posada Carriles is wheeled out for the billionth time], you know that something especially rotten is happening inside the island.

    By the way, what bothers me the most is the MSM’s tacit approval through their indifference of Farina’s soon-to-be death. You know that if Honduras or Colombia had a hunger striker, he would be FRONT PAGE NEWS!

    On a sidebar, I just came back from a vacation to Morocco and even in Morocco Stigler’s release from prison was given a prominent spot on the evening news! Can you believe that? Yet, here, it was only reported in the Miami news in Spanish that caters to Cuban Americans. The NY Times and other major national news papers said NOTHING. Neither was he featured by any of the major news networks in English!

  3. Rayarena, I saw the story just before bedtime last night. This was orchestrated and I dread what is coming next. As you say, they are predictable and unfortunately, the POTUS is now on the wrong side. These are dark times.

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