List of the 52 to be deported from Cuba

Here is the list:

Pedro Argüelles Morán, Víctor Rolando Arroyo Carmona, Mijail Barzaga Lugo, Oscar Elías Biscet González, Marcelo Cano Rodríguez, Eduardo Diaz Fleitas, Antonio Ramón Diaz Sánchez, Alfredo Domínguez Batista, Alfredo Felipe Fuentes, Efrén Fernández Fernández, Juan Adolfo Fernández Sáinz, José Daniel Ferrer García, Luis Enrique Ferrer García, Próspero Gaínza Agüero, Miguel Galván Gutiérrez, Julio César Gálvez Rodríguez, José Luis García Paneque, Ricardo Severino Gonzales Alfonso, Diosdado González Marrero, Lester González Pentón, Jorge Luis González Tanquero, Leonel Grave de Peralta Almenares, Iván Hernández Carrillo, Normando Hernández González, Juan Carlos Herrera Acosta, Regis Iglesias Ramírez, José Ubaldo Izquierdo Hernández, Librado Ricardo Linares García, Héctor Fernando Maseda Gutiérrez, José Miguel Martínez Hernández, Luis Milán Fernández, Nelson Molinet Espino, Ángel Juan Moya Acosta, Jesús Mustafá Felipe, Félix Navarro Rodríguez, Pablo Pacheco Ávila, Arturo Pérez de Alejo Rodriguez, Horacio Julio Pina Borrego, Fabio Prieto Llorente, Alfredo Manuel Pulido López, Arnaldo Ramos Lauzerique, Blas Giraldo Reyes Rodríguez, Alexis Rodríguez Fernández, Omar Rodríguez Saludes, Omar Moisés Ruiz Hernández, Claro Sánchez Altarriba, Guido Sigler Amaya, Ricardo Silva Gual, Fidel Suárez Cruz, Manuel Ubals González, Héctor Raúl Valle Hernández, Antonio Augusto Villarreal Acosta.

The 52 political prisoners to be released in the next couple of months will travel to Spain with their relatives, although later they may go elsewhere, said Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Ángel Moratinos in a press briefing in Havana late Wednesday.

He was quoted by the Spanish newspaper El País. Moratinos said the Castro government has given assurances that the prisoners’ property will not be confiscated and that their relatives may return to the island whenever they wish. It is unclear whether the freed prisoners themselves will be allowed to return eventually.

“We feel an enormous satisfaction. A new stage opens in Cuba with the desire to settle once and for all the issue of the prisoners,” the minister told journalists, according to El País.

In terms of the European Union’s hard-line position toward Cuba, “there is no longer any reason to maintain it,” he said. Securing a positive gesture from Cuba “was what my colleagues asked me, and I hope they now respond to the commitment.”

Moratinos said he reported to the E.U’s High Representative, Catherine Ashton, and plans to contact U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Once again, fidel slowly opens the valve and releases pressure…

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6 thoughts on “List of the 52 to be deported from Cuba”

  1. “settle once and for all the issue of the prisoners.” As if. As If Castro, Inc. couldn’t replace all those released with new prisoners of conscience in a heartbeat. As if it wouldn’t if it felt it necessary or desirable. As if using political prisoners as bargaining chips, as objects of barter, was even remotely new for the dictatorship. Fucking cynical, lying, conniving SOB.

    “In terms of the European Union’s hard-line position toward Cuba, ‘there is no longer any reason to maintain it,’ he said.” Really. Would Moratinos, or any other such figure, have said there was no longer any need to pressure or “interfere” with apartheid-era South Africa just because it freed Mandela? Would South Africa have gotten a pass from the West just because it freed some prisoners and sent them off to exile?

    The saddest thing is they all know this is glorified bullshit; they all know Castro, Inc. NEVER does or allows anything unless it stands to gain from it, yet they still go through the obscene charade of acting as if they’ve made a major breakthrough. NOTHING has changed substantially, certainly not for the better for Cuba as a whole.

  2. As I said before, all these hypocrites want is a dispensation to do business with the devil. The devil (and his minions) have obliged.

  3. You know what else pisses me off? Why is it a good thing to deport Cubans from their own country, but send a couple illegal alien Mexicans back to Mexico and it’s a major human rights atrocity.

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